Aluminium 6063 price per kg

The focus of this article is aluminum 6063 price. To know the 6063 price, you must first understand its performance. Aluminium 6063 belongs to the Al-Mg-Si series alloy with higher plasticity. The common alloy states include F, O, H112, T4, T6, T651, etc. Aluminium alloy 6063 t6 and t651 aluminum plates have high sales in the market. When you consult the aluminum 6063 price per kg, the manufacturer usually calculates the price in tons, and the price per ton can be converted to know the price per kg.

How is the aluminium 6063 price calculated?

When the manufacturer sets the aluminum price, it is usually set according to the formula of aluminum ingot price plus processing cost. Taking aluminum sheet supplier – Mingtai as an example, it is based on both the market aluminum ingot price during the customer consultation period and the processing cost required by the customer’s specific order requirements. The aluminum 6063 price is also calculated in the same way.


Through the above analysis, we know that the aluminum 6063 price fluctuates with the price of aluminum ingots and processing fees. Due to the price uncertainty, Mingtai’s suggestion is to pay more attention to product quality. But as for other factors affecting the price of aluminum, a simple analysis will still be made below.

Four factors affecting aluminum 6063 price per kg

Aluminum ingot price factors

The fluctuation of the price of aluminum ingot is an important factor affecting the price per kg of aluminum 6063. The price of aluminum ingot increases corresponding to the price, on the contrary, the price of aluminum ingot decreases, the price decreases.

Market factors

Since there are many aluminum sheet manufacturers in the market, market competition is inevitable. Then it will affect the aluminum price. At the same time, market demand and competition will also affect each other, which in turn affects prices. Customers can choose suitable aluminum products with reasonable price and good quality.

The quality of aluminium 6063 sheets

When choosing aluminum sheet, the most important thing is to ensure the quality and meet the needs of customers. Aluminum boards of different quality often have different prices. Through the analysis of old customers, it is not difficult to conclude that they tend to fancy aluminum plates with better quality and a little more expensive.


In fact, the influencing factors of aluminum 6063 price per kg are not only the above points, but there are many other factors. The internal factors of the manufacturer include processing technology, technical cost, etc., external factors have the specific specification requirements of customers, and in some places there will be some Trade protection measures, etc., so users need to consult the manufacturer if they want to know the specific situation.

Reliable manufacturer recommendation

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