Canadian customer purchases 73 tons of aluminum 6061 t651

In 2018, it was the first time this customer who from Canada consulted us, and has been in touch since then. Now, through investigation and comparison, five aluminum sheet suppliers have been selected for consultation, and Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminum is one of them. After several rounds of negotiations, the customer selected Mingtai Aluminum, and the first order was for 73 tons of 6061 t651 aluminum plates. With so many aluminum sheet manufacturers in China, customers choose Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminum. We have always emphasized that we must carefully choose aluminum sheet manufacturers before purchasing products. After continuous communication and samples, this Canadian customer clearly defined his needs as aluminium 6061 t651. In this way, the business manager of Mingtai signed the order with his professionalism and patience. Let’s get to know the product of 6061 t651 aluminum plate together.
aluminium 6061 t651

Introduction of aluminium 6061 t651

Regarding 6061 aluminum sheets, there are many specifications. Aluminum 6061 t651 is one of the various tempers of 6061 aluminum alloy and can be widely used. List some common applications, such as trucks, automated mechanical parts, molds, precision instruments, mobile phone card slots, etc. These applications are achieved by virtue of its excellent performance. In addition, there are aircraft parts, camera lenses, and ship accessories.

Performance characteristics of aluminium 6061 t651

Corrosion resistance: 6xxx series alloy, aluminum 6061 t651 has high corrosion resistance;
Formability: Through cold treatment, 6061 can form T651 temper, which also proves its high formability;
Processability: 6061-T651 aluminum sheet is a kind of aluminum sheet with stable performance and good processing performance.
Strength: The 6061-T651 aluminum plate obtained by heat treatment is a high-strength aluminum plate;
Weldable: With the easy welding characteristics of 6000 series alloys, the plate shape is excellent.
aluminium 6061 t651 properties

Aluminium 6061 t651 VS 5083

5083 aluminum plate is the representative product of the 5 series, most of which are h111, h321, h116, and are often used in ships. 6061 aluminum plate is the representative product of the 6 series. The 6061 aluminum plate on the market is generally 6061-T6 aluminum plate, 6061t651 aluminum plate, and 6061t651 aluminum plate. The strength and hardness of the aluminum plate.
aluminium alloy 6061 t651

Where to buy aluminium 6061 t651

Compared with other specifications, the price of 6061-T651 aluminum sheet is relatively higher, which is slightly higher. Due to the influence of various factors such as product thickness, width, manufacturer, market, and aluminum ingot price, the specific quotation should be consulted with the specific 6061-T651 aluminum plate manufacturer. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult online at any time. We recommend suitable product specifications based on your actual production needs and give a specific preferential quotation.
As a direct-selling aluminum plate manufacturer, Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminum supports tailor-made, and some stocks are available to meet the production needs of different users. In addition, our company has a professional R & D technical team, high technical level, skilled technology, development has more than 24 years of rich experience, product quality is guaranteed. Although the price of 6061t651 aluminum sheet is relatively high, the price we give is competitive.