5083 alloy aluminium 5083 h321

5083 alloy aluminum, in addition to aluminium 5083 h321, there are other tempers such as h111, h112, h116, O and so on. With excellent corrosion resistance and welding performance, coupled with high strength, this alloy is specially designed for welding structures that require maximum welding strength and efficiency. It can be anodized to increase corrosion resistance, rather than letting its own decorative effect. Because it has a fairly high magnesium content, its usability is quite limited. Not heat-treatable. Typical applications are large ships, containers, light rails, structures and elevator vehicles.
aluminium 5083 h321

Aluminium 5083 h321 vs h116

H116: The temper of aluminum alloy with a magnesium content of not less than 3.0% after anti-corrosion treatment;
H321: The temper of stabilizing aluminum alloy with a magnesium content of not less than 3.0% after hardening.
According to the definition of anti-corrosion treatment and hardening treatment
H1×——Hot rolling, strong tension; H2×——Continuous casting and rolling, strong tension, partial toughening; H3×——After internal stress treatment, stable performance; H4×——After painting or coating; H ×2—25% hardness treatment; H×4—50% hardness treatment; H×6—75% hardness treatment; H×8—hardness treatment above 90.
H116: Suitable for products made of 5××× series alloys with magnesium content ≥ 4%. These products have specified mechanical properties and anti-flaking corrosion performance requirements. In summary, H116 has good corrosion resistance, H321 has good corrosion resistance and more stable performance. The mechanical properties of the two are similar, and they have good corrosion resistance after coating. Therefore, it is possible to use both in the construction of sea-going vessels.
aluminium 5083 h321-2

Mingtai aluminum 5083 h321 performance advantages

A: Good plasticity, easy processing, and excellent formability.
B: Strong weldability, gas welding, arc welding, contact spot welding and wire welding are acceptable.
C: It has anti-skid, anti-rust function and strong corrosion resistance.
D: In the production process of 5083 aluminum plate, Mingtai Aluminum added a small amount of Be to reduce the tendency of ingot cracking and improve the surface quality of the rolled plate.
Mingtai Aluminum has greatly increased the production of aluminum 5083 h321 and strictly controlled the product process of 5083 aluminum plate. Through alloy composition determination, melting and casting process optimization, homogenization heat treatment and rolling process test, Mingtai’s 5083 aluminum plate performance has been certified by many classification societies, meeting user requirements, especially for rail transit, cars and other complex parts With the increase in processing demand, the application prospect is extremely broad.