Aluminium 3005 sheet

Aluminium 3005 sheet is also 3000 alloy series, but compared to 3003, it has a slightly higher strength, about 20% higher, and better corrosion resistance. Hot rolled aluminum 3005 sheet, maximum width 2650mm, maximum thickness 500mm. Due to the corrosion resistance mentioned above, 3005 can adapt to humid environment; 3005 deep-drawn aluminum sheet, deep-drawing performance, formability and welding performance are all at a high level.

Purpose of aluminium 3005 sheet

Aluminium 3005 sheet is commonly used in humid environments such as undercarriage, refrigerators, and air conditioners. It is also commonly used in various pressure vessels and pipes, tanks and tanks for transporting liquid products, and food and chemical product processing and storage devices. Battery shell materials, ship materials, photocopier drums, kitchen utensils, makeup boards, building materials, heat sinks, color aluminum sheets and other fields.
aluminium 3005 sheet

Aluminium 3005 sheet for roof

Aluminum 3005 aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate, a good metal roofing material. There are many advantages, such as easy bending and welding processing, moderate structural strength, stain resistance, weather resistance, etc. People in the construction industry like this material very much. Specific applications include building roof and wall systems such as public service buildings, stations, stadiums, civil residences, large shopping malls and large transportation hubs, exhibition halls, commercial facilities, conference and exhibition centers. The aluminium 3005 sheet has a flat shape, strong plasticity, can be processed into various shapes, beautiful and generous, and has strong durability, convenient construction and long service life.
aluminium 3005 sheet Turkey

Aluminium 3005 sheet for battery case

The battery shell is made of high-quality 3005 aluminum sheet, which has been extruded to provide the product with good brightness and excellent size. It is used in various types of aluminum capacitors and other related electronic products. It has the characteristics of explosion-proof, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It has good surface treatment performance, stable chemical performance, non-magnetic, and can be recycled and reused. Compared with steel materials, the weight is lighter and the safety is higher.
aluminium 3005 sheet Canada

Aluminium 3005 sheet manufacturer

All tempered aluminum 3005 sheets can be produced by Mingtai Aluminum. The 3005 aluminum sheet it produces controls the manganese content between 1.0%-1.5%, making Mingtai Aluminum’s production series a good rust-proof aluminum. In addition, Mingtai’s strict processing technology makes the products novel in shape, long-lasting and durable, with a tensile strength of 200N per square millimeter. They are often used in battery shell materials, heat sinks, cosmetic panels, photocopier drums and other aspects. Good deep drawing performance, formability and welding performance make Mingtai’s 3005 aluminum sheet become the first choice of many buyers, distributors and importers. For more information about Mingtai 3005 aluminum sheet, please contact us through any contact method on the website.