Aluminium 3003 price aluminum tread plate

The aluminium 3003 price is different. Aluminum 3003 can be made into bare aluminum plate and 3003 aluminum tread plate. According to the pattern shape, the commonly used pattern types are 1 bar and 5 bar. After the product is oxidized, the surface of the aluminum plate becomes white, which is particularly beautiful, and the pattern is uniform. It is a common decorative non-slip product. At this time, aluminum 3003 price is not only related to the price influencing factors of conventional aluminum plates, but also related to the types of patterns. You may not be able to find the specific aluminum 3003 price on any website, because there are many factors that affect the price. In the following content, some of these factors will be selected to introduce.
aluminium 3003 price

aluminium 3003 price in different applications

3003 deep-drawing aluminum sheet is mainly used in deep-drawing materials and has good formability. Aluminium 3003 can also be used as stamping parts, models, tanks, shells, etc. With many advantages such as pressure resistance, good plasticity, and good surface, aluminum 3003 can also be made into a power battery shell, the purpose is to reduce the weight of the battery and indirectly reduce the quality of the whole vehicle; increasing the battery capacity density can make the battery work stable; it can also increase the vehicle life. ability.
Aluminium 3003 sheet, used for general utensils, can also be used for photocopier cylinders, heat sinks, makeup boards, some ship components, etc.
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Aluminium 3003 price calculation

Aluminium 3003 price is related to the price of aluminum ingots, the specific status of 3003 aluminum, performance requirements, and transportation costs.
Aluminum ingot price-the price of aluminum ingot is constantly changing every day, and the quotation is given based on the price of aluminum ingot on that day.
The specific specifications-3003 aluminum sheet is only a state, and there are 3003 aluminum coil and 3003 aluminum foil. Therefore, their thickness, width, and length specifications are different. There are also many options for temper, all of which affect the aluminum 3003 price.
Freight charges-freight charges are part of the quotation.
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Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminium aluminium 3003 price

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