Alloy 6061 t6 sheet

The surface of alloy 6061 t6 sheet is covered with a protective film to prevent possible damage to the surface of the sheet during processing or transportation. Single-sided or double-sided film can be selected according to user requirements.
alloy 6061 t6

Alloy 6061 t6 properties

This is to make it play different characteristics according to the specific purpose.
Alloy 6061 t6 for molds requires fatigue resistance, mold resistance, hardness, and processability;
Alloy 6061 t6 is used for aluminum alloy shell, there will be other properties requirements.
Alloy 6061 t6 can be oxidized, it looks beautiful and decorative after coloring;
The strength, heat dissipation, protection of components and thickness of 6061 aluminum sheets are required;
Weight, good ductility, molding processability, to ensure and improve the quality of processed products;
Al-Mg-Si series alloy possesses medium strength, plasticity and corrosion resistance.
alloy 6061 t6 properties

Alloy 6061 t6 price per ton

Alloy 6061 t6 is a widely used aluminum alloy product, and there are not a few manufacturers that can produce it. The quotation given can be said to be divided into several grades. It mainly depends on the production strength and process technology of each manufacturer. As the company is adjacent to the raw material production area, it has its own power plant and can be mass-produced. Compared with other manufacturers, similar products are much lower, and the price advantage is obvious.
aluminum alloy 6061-t6

Where can I buy alloy 6061 t6?

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