Features of alloy 3105 aluminum UK

Alloy 3105 aluminum UK, good electrical conductivity. There is 0.3% copper in the alloying elements, so there is a conductivity of 41%;
3105 alloy aluminum has good performance, anti-rust, and is used in various bottle and can caps, which can achieve the effect of making the appearance of the bottle and can be beautiful for a long time;
Machinability, and this performance is good. Products with novel shapes can be manufactured, which can be used for a long time;
The processing quality, texture, grain structure and composition of the product have been controlled, so that the product performance is stable.
alloy 3105 aluminum UK

Alloy 3105 aluminum UK for food cans

Canned food can be stored for a long time at room temperature, is convenient to carry, transport and store, saves cooking procedures, overcomes seasonal and regional restrictions on the supply of food varieties, and is popular among consumers. Food cans, can bodies, bottoms, and ring pull materials are usually made of aluminum coil materials, and food cans can be produced with 3105 aluminum sheet materials.

Alloy 3105 aluminum UK for wine bottle caps

Aluminum for bottle cap materials needs to have deep-drawing performance. The use of aluminum for bottle cap materials in the wine industry has been increasing. In addition, due to the working environment, this requires structural materials to have other properties, such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and pressure resistance. In addition, there is another very important point, and it is necessary, and that is food safety, which is also a must. Some ordinary aluminum materials are difficult to meet these various requirements, but 3105 aluminum made by henan Mingtai Al can meet the requirements of this product.
alloy 3105 aluminum UAE

Alloy 3105 aluminum UK price

The price of 3105 aluminum sheet is related to aluminum alloy specifications, market aluminum ingot prices, and processing fees. 3105 Al-Mg-Mn alloy can be used to make roof panels.
According to the general arrangement from low to high price: the price of the 1 series is cheap. Such as 1050.1060.1070..1100 and so on, that is, pure aluminum; 3 series prices such as 3003 aluminum, 3004 aluminum, 3104 aluminum and so on. Among them, the price of 3003 aluminum is lower in the Al-Mg-Mn plate alloy, and the price of 3004 aluminum, 3105 and other Al-Mg-Mn alloy aluminum is slightly higher than the price of 3003.
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Alloy 3105 aluminum UK in Mingtai Aluminum

How about Henan Mingtai Aluminum Alloy 3105 aluminum UK? When choosing a 3105 Al-Mg-Mn alloy aluminum plate manufacturer, keep in mind that quality is the key. Buying products back is for better use in the later period. Choose high-quality Al-Mg- Mn aluminum plate manufacturers can effectively guarantee the production of later products. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a 3105Al-Mg-Mn aluminum sheet manufacturer and a well-known enterprise. The production of Al-Mg-Mn aluminum sheet is affordable. Welcome to inquire and discuss.