Alloy 3005 aluminum coil

Mingtai Aluminum produces alloy 3005 aluminum coil, 3105 aluminum plate for flattening, 3105 aluminum coil for color coating, 3105 aluminum plate for bottle cap, 3105 aluminum skin for engineering insulation, 3105 aluminum plate and strip for cake tray, 3105-O aluminum plate, any state Choice, size can be customized, factory direct price.
3105 aluminum coil is used for thermal insulation: 1 and 3 series cast-rolled aluminum coil materials are commonly used for pipeline thermal insulation. 1060, 3003, and 3105 aluminum coils are commonly used materials for pipeline thermal insulation. Common thickness specifications range from 0.5-3mm thickness. Compared with galvanized iron sheet, aluminum sheet has better anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect, long service life and economical benefits. Third, it is durable and has a certain The compressive strength, and fourth, beautiful.

Parameters of alloy 3005 aluminum coil

Typical Alloy: 3105 Aluminum Plate
Material Status: F,O,H12,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28,H111,H112
Applicable fields: room dividers, aluminum substrates for color coating, lamp cap materials, shutters, bottle caps, bottle stoppers, etc.
Alloy 3005 aluminum coil

Performance advantages of alloy 3005 aluminum coil

The 3105 alloy aluminum plate has good electrical conductivity. Due to the addition of 0.3% copper element, the electrical conductivity can reach 41%;
3105 aluminum plate has good anti-rust performance and is a widely used anti-rust aluminum;
The 3105 alloy aluminum plate has good processing performance, novel product shape and long service life.

Mingtai Aluminum’s production advantages of alloy 3005 aluminum coil

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. strictly controls the processing quality, structure, grain structure, composition, etc. of the products, and the product performance has reached the international level. The 3105 aluminum plate produced by it has good anti-rust performance, good processing performance, novel product shape, long service life and very wide range of uses.

3105 aluminum plate/alloy 3005 aluminum coil price?

Market aluminum ingot price: The market aluminum ingot price can be based on the aluminum ingot price on the day of delivery. Since the aluminum ingot price fluctuates daily, the quotation will fluctuate.
Processing fee: 3105 aluminum coil will give a reasonable quotation according to the details and specifications of the product, such as thickness, width, and state. Different specifications have different quotations.
Sales model: Different sales models, different manufacturers, different input costs, different quotations, such as different dealers, trade types, and different manufacturers, different prices, choosing factory direct supply manufacturers are affordable.