Grades of alloy 3003 aluminum properties

We classify alloy 3003 aluminum properties with three grades, which are poor, good and excellent. Then line up. Anyone looking to source alloy aluminum can refer to these grade classifications to determine whether 3003 aluminum is suitable for your project.
Excellent: Formability/Workability; Weldability
Good: Machining; Corrosion Resistance
Poor: Heat Treating
alloy 3003 aluminum properties

alloy 3003 aluminum

Alloy 3003 aluminum, which is one of the wide range of aluminum and has utility. Complies with AMS QQ-A-250/2 and ASTM B209. Grade 3003 aluminum with O-temper (lowest strength, highest ductility) to ensure proper flexibility. This indicates a soft annealing process. As one of the most versatile metal grades, 3003 aluminum is a range of products. Applications ranging from cookware to fuel tanks, aluminum 3003 H14 material is a commonly used alloy temper.

3003 aluminum and 6061 aluminum

How does 3003 aluminum compare to another commonly used grade, 6061 aluminum? Compared to 3003 aluminum, 6061 aluminum has higher strength (tensile strength ranging from 20 to 42 KSI).
6061 T6 is an alloy material that many people are familiar with. T6 refers to tempering or hardness achieved by precipitation hardening. This grade has a good strength to weight ratio and 6061 is heat treatable. Formability and weldability are some of its excellent properties for engineering and structural applications, marine, furniture, and more.
is 3003 aluminum weldable

alloy 3003 aluminum properties manganese element

As part of the 3xxx family of aluminium, manganese is the main alloying element in 3003 aluminium. In 3003 aluminum alloy, manganese content ranges from 1-2%. This provides the basis for a high level of tensile strength (also known as ultimate strength, which is the maximum normal stress a steel can withstand). Reference values ​​for tensile strength range from 17 to 30 KSI.

is 3003 aluminum weldable

3003 aluminum has many excellent properties that make it a popular choice. In addition to being weldable and corrosion resistant, it has a highly polished finish, making it an attractive option. Although thin, it cannot be easily bent, and special tools are required to do so.