Is there a difference between al alloy 6061 aluminum sheet and al alloy 6061 aluminium plate?

Al alloy 6061, many times, people think that sheets are aluminum sheets with a relatively small thickness, and then call them aluminum sheets. At the same time, the thickness of the aluminum plate is relatively large. Of course, this statement is only the opinion of some people. The difference between Aluminium sheet and plate is the thickness range and the weight. Thinner sheets and foils can be used for labels and tags, which can be easily handwritten or manually marked. Thicker plates (also called aluminum plates) are ideal for applications that require structural stability.
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Al alloy 6061 weight per square

Assuming that the thickness of al alloy 6061 is 3 mm, the weight per square is about 8 kg. The formula for calculating the weight of the aluminum sheet: mass = density * volume, 3 mm is the thickness of the aluminum sheet, and the density is 2.71g/cm³. Although there may be small differences in the density of different aluminum alloys, they can be ignored. Volume = thickness multiplied by area, so the volume is 0.003m³. In the end, the weight of 3mm al alloy 6061 per square meter is about 0.008 tons, which is 8 kilograms.
What needs to be noted here is to pay attention to the unit of measurement for each number. If there is no uniform unit of measurement, the value obtained is also incorrect.
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How much is al alloy 6061 per square meter?

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How much is al alloy 6061

Where can I buy al alloy 6061?

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