al 3003 material properties

Introduction to al 3003 material properties. 3000 series alloy, which can be rolled or flattened by machine to form aluminum sheet, excellent properties include anti-slip effect, corrosion resistance, and good weldability. The poorer characteristic is machinability.

Other applications of al 3003 material

bottle cap. al 3003 material can be used for wine bottle caps, beverage bottle caps, health care products, cosmetic caps, etc. It has the characteristics of good processing performance, excellent sealing performance, and beautiful appearance. It is helpful for the preservation of items, convenient for transportation, and has anti-counterfeiting function.
Cell phone battery case. Mingtai Aluminum strictly controls the production process and provides standardized aluminum 3003 H14 material, which has low ear production rate and excellent performance.
Lighting, interior decoration. Mingtai Aluminum can customize the production of 3003 aluminum sheet plate Philippines with special specifications, which is one of the high-quality aluminum materials for lighting and interior decoration.
al 3003 material properties

al 3003 material for automotive aluminum

The batteries that provide driving power for electric vehicles are called power batteries, including traditional lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries and emerging lithium-ion power lithium batteries. At present, the world is advocating lightweight vehicles. Aluminum is a better choice. The battery shell material is preferably al 3003 material.
The power battery shell made of 3003 aluminum alloy products has impact resistance, is not easy to break and leaks, and can meet the strength and rigidity requirements of the power battery shell, and the aluminum alloy has low density and light weight, which can reduce the weight of the battery and improve the capacity density of the battery, make the battery work stably, indirectly reduce the quality of the vehicle, and increase the battery life of the vehicle.
al 3003 material Philippines

al 3003 material properties and prices

The price of aluminum plate is related to the product model and specification status. The quality of the material and the manufacturing process will affect the quality of the aluminum sheet. Mingtai Aluminum purchases key raw materials, controls the quality of aluminum products from the source, and strictly checks all processes in production to ensure excellent product quality. In addition, Mingtai Aluminum is adjacent to the origin of raw materials, has its own power plant, and has large-scale production. The same product has a lower cost than its peers, and its price advantage is obvious. Consult us directly for pricing.
al 3003 material Mexico

aluminum 3003 material Chinese aluminum manufacturers

Henan mingtai has a history of more than 20 years, a professional staff team, and a professional technical staff team. The company has always adhered to innovative development, market-oriented, and actively developed new aluminum processing. The export business of current products has undergone more than ten years of development, and we have customers in various countries and regions, Europe, North America, Asia, etc.
→Advanced machinery and equipment, continuous improvement of production efficiency.
→Strict management system ensures product quality, and production has undergone layers of quality inspections to ensure the quality of products that customers receive.
→Thoughtful service, logistics and distribution, one-stop service have won unanimous praise from new and old customers.