What is aa3105 aluminium

aa3105 aluminium is essentially a 98% aluminium alloy. Compared with 1100 and 3003 alloys, a small amount has been added to improve strength. Heat treatment does not have a hardening effect. 3000 series aluminium has good properties such as corrosion resistance, formability And weldability, it also has. Typical applications include many projects requiring higher strength than 1000 series aluminum alloys, such as sheet metal fabrication, mobile homes, residential siding and signage. Commonly used in the manufacture of residential siding, mobile homes and rain gear. Commonly used in sheet metal processing. It is often used for painting exterior curtain walls of buildings.

Basic parameters of aa3105 aluminium

Alloy: 3105 Tempering: O, H111, H112, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26 Thickness: 0.2mm–200mm Matching: 500mm–2600mm Length: 1000mm–12000mm Surface: Polished, Bright , single mask, double mask.
aa3105 aluminium

aa3105 aluminium properties part 1

aa3105 aluminium has average machinability. However, the machinability is improved in the harder tempered condition compared to the annealed condition. Oil-based lubricants are used to machine this alloy.
aa3105 aluminium has good forming properties. For H12, H14 and H16 tempers, a bend radius in the thickness range of 1 to 2 t is recommended. H18 tempering should use a bend radius of 2 to 7 t.
aa3105 aluminium has good weldability. Arc welding can be used.
heat treatment
No reaction to heat treatment except during cold working.
3105 painted aluminum sheet

aa3105 aluminium properties part 2

aa3105 aluminium can be forged in a temperature range of 372 to 510°C (700 to 950°F).
Thermal processing
aa3105 aluminium is hot workable from 205 to 372°C (400 to 700°F)
cold working
It has good cold working properties in the harder cold working state.
Anneal at 344°C (650°F), then air cool.
Aluminum/Al 3105 alloy plate can only be cold work hardened by H12, 14, 16, 18 or 25 temper.
china 3105 aluminum coil

Uses of aa3105 aluminium

Mingtai Industry would like to introduce the use of aa3105 aluminium
3105 aluminium sheet is a typical deep drawing material, ideal for roll forming, stamping and fabrication.
In addition, aluminum 3105 alloy coil is a common substrate for prepainted aluminum coils. The surface color coating and embossing effect are very good!
Used for aluminum cap closures due to aluminum 3105 alloy’s excellent deep drawability, formability, corrosion resistance and great surface finish!