Aa3003 aluminum

aa3003 aluminum, ordinary alloy aluminum, a manganese alloy, belongs to the ordinary alloy group. Among all aluminum alloys, it is most widely used. Compared with commercial pure aluminum, the addition of manganese can increase the strength by about 20%, so its strength exceeds that of 1100 aluminum alloy.

Aa3003 aluminum characteristics

3003 aluminum is easy to weld and braze, but welding is limited to the torch method. aa3003 Aluminum can be anodized, but there may be some slight discoloration, which is normal in mechanical and organic finishes. Typical end uses include truck/trailer roofs, heat exchangers, food and chemical handling equipment, furniture components, plumbing and electrical components.
aa3003 aluminum

Aa3003 aluminum VS 1100

aa3003 has all the excellent characteristics of 1100 and higher strength. Excellent properties include corrosion resistance and workability. Deep drawing, spinning, welding or brazing are all feasible. It is not heat-treatable. Like 1100, 3003 aluminum tends to be viscous during processing, but if set properly, at maximum speed, it will perform somewhat satisfactorily at higher temperatures.
Typical use

Typical applications of aa3003 aluminum

3003 aluminum tread plate (also known as aluminum checker plate), has industrial and decorative applications. aa3003 aluminum aluminum tread plate is usually used for decorative architectural applications due to its bright reflective finish. It usually has diamond and 5 bar patterns. There are other common uses, including pressure vessels; cookware; ice trays; gas pipes; garage doors; building materials; awning slats; refrigerator panels, etc.
3003 aluminum uses

Aa3003 aluminum work hardening

aa3003 Aluminum cannot be hardened by heat treatment. Usually hardened by cold work. Common tempers are H temper, H12 (1/4 hard) and H14 (1/2 hard), and soft annealed temper O temper.
The common temper of alloy 3003 is H1x temper, which means that the product has undergone strain hardening, but it does not have the stable treatment normally used for 5xxx series alloys.
In order to soften alloy 3003, it can be annealed by heating to 415°C. Keep the temperature uniform and then cool. The cooling rate is not important.
aa3003 aluminum price

Aa3003 aluminum aluminum sheet manufacturer

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