6082 t6 aluminum sheet

6082 t6 aluminum sheet is a heat-treated strengthenable alloy sheet. It has good formability, weldability, machinability, and medium strength. It can still maintain good operability after annealing. Its T6 temper has better High mechanical properties.

Processing characteristics of aluminum 6082 t6 sheet

The aluminum 6082 t6 sheet usually has good processing characteristics and good anode reaction performance. The most commonly used anode reaction methods include removing impurities, removing impurities and dyeing, coating, etc. 6082 combines excellent weldability, brazing properties, corrosion resistance, formability and machinability.

6082 aluminum sheet temper type

The O and T4 temper of 6082 aluminum are suitable for bending and forming. Its T5 and T6 temper are suitable for the requirements of good machinability. Some specific processing requires the use of a chip separator or other special processes to help separate the chips; 6082 aluminum sheet is widely used Mechanical parts, forgings, commercial vehicles, railway structures, shipbuilding, main structures of high-speed train bodies, etc.


Explanation of related terms

Aging is the process of eliminating the internal stress of the metal; quenching is heating the metal to a certain temperature and suddenly cooling it to achieve the required hardness. 2xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx series aluminum plates can all be quenched to increase their strength.

What is internal stress elimination?

In the production process of the aluminum plate, due to heat and extrusion, the density between the crystals is uneven, and the energy cannot be completely released, and it is accumulated in the aluminum plate. This energy is called internal stress. Some users’ production processes (such as heating, bending, deep drawing, stretching, etc.) will release the internal stress of the aluminum plate, causing the aluminum plate to bend, wave, and surface unequal, so the internal stress of the aluminum plate needs to be released first.

The process of eliminating internal stress is very simple. After the aluminum plate goes off the assembly line, the manufacturer will add a process to stretch the aluminum plate with a machine to release the energy inside the aluminum plate.

The temper of the aluminum plate that eliminates internal stress is indicated by the number Tx51, such as 6061 T6511 aluminum, 6082 T651, etc.

The article mainly concludes on the mechanical properties of 6082 t6 aluminum sheet material. 6082 aluminum alloy belongs to the A1-Mg-Si series alloy. It is an aluminum alloy with Mg2Si as the strengthening phase. The tensile strength is 160~320 MPa, and the elongation is ≥8%-12%. Want to know more about 6082 or 6082 t6 aluminum sheet suppliers’ information, you can leave a message online or communicate via email to guojianbin@mingtai-al.com.