6082 aluminum plate price

6082 aluminum plate price has attracted people’s attention, because its demand is gradually increasing, this is because of its many excellent characteristics. Can be machined. Certain physical quantities such as thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity, density, and elastic modulus. We can provide customized size products. Your order can be of different thickness, width, length, alloy, tempering and surface treatment for use in different applications.
6082 aluminum plate price

6082 aluminum plate price VS 6061-T4

6082 aluminum plate VS 6061-T4 is two kinds of alloys, and the price is naturally different. There are many series of aluminum alloy. 6082 and 6061 are similar in that they belong to the 6-series alloy (silicon-magnesium alloy), but 6082 and 6061 contain different proportions of silicon-magnesium. 6061: Si is 0.4-0.8, Mg is 0.8-1.2, and Fe is 0.7. 6082: Si is 0.7-1.3; Mg is 0.6-1.2 and Fe is 0.5. T4 is only a strength standard for aluminum alloy (first solid solution heat treatment, then natural aging, and finally a fully stable material state). 6082 can also be made into T4 temper. Under the same conditions, the intensity of 6082 is greater than that of 6061.
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What is the 6082 aluminum plate price related to?

If you are looking for 6082 aluminum plate for your next project, you will definitely care about the 6082 aluminum plate price. However, its price is not a fixed value. We can first know the factors that affect the price.
The most basic influencing factors are specifications (thickness * width * length), tempering, surface treatment methods, etc.
Generally speaking, if it is in the same thickness grade, such as the same medium-thick aluminum plate, and other conditions are the same, the greater the thickness, the higher the price.
If it is different tempering, it means that they are different crafts, and the price will be different.
If the width of the product you need is in the range of 1500-2600 mm, this is an ultra-wide plate, and the price of this aluminum plate is higher than that of conventional aluminum plates.
If the board is to be coated or anodized, additional surface treatment processes are required, resulting in additional costs.
Mingtai 6082 aluminum plate price

Mingtai 6082 aluminum plate price

As one of 6082 aluminum suppliers, the price of Mingtai aluminum sheet/strip/foil/roll includes two parts: the average closing price of the Yangtze River spot A00 aluminum ingots on the day of delivery + processing fees. The price of aluminum ingots is an uncontrollable factor and fluctuates every day, so no matter what kind of aluminum product, there will be no fixed price. If you have noticed, our quotations will have a validity period. If you want to know the specific 6082 aluminum plate price, please feel free to contact us, now click on the right side of the online consultation, contact us!