6082 aluminum plate near me

6082 aluminum plate near me is an aluminum-silicon alloy aluminum plate, which is a heat-treatable hot-rolled aluminum plate, which can be tempered to T6 through aging heat treatment. This type of aluminum alloy has similar but not identical physical properties to 6061 aluminum alloy, and T6 temper has higher mechanical equipment characteristics. It is a commonly used material in the manufacturing of mechanical parts and mold processing industries.

6082 aluminum plate near me anode reaction

What are the characteristics of 6082 aluminum plate near me? Very good processing characteristics, anode reaction performance is also a feature of it. The anode reaction methods commonly used by aluminum plate manufacturers include removing impurities, removing impurities, dyeing, and coating.
6082 aluminum plate near me

Application of 6082 aluminum plate near me

The application is related to its characteristics. Regarding the characteristics of 6082 aluminum alloy, the cutting performance is good, the welding performance is good, especially the brazing performance is good. After heat treatment, the hardness of 6082 aluminum plate can be increased to above 90HB, which is suitable for milling and turning processing. It can also be used in transportation and structural engineering industries to manufacture high-speed ship parts. Specific applications include roads, highways and bridges, hoisting machinery, roof structures, transport aircraft, cargo ships, digital camera lens, optical fiber couplers, ship accessories and hardware factories, electrical accessories, copper pipes, special aluminum for cars, etc.
6082 aluminum plate near me price

6082 aluminum plate near me price

Different specifications of 6082 aluminum plate have different prices. Product specifications are one of the main factors affecting the price of 6082 aluminum sheet, including different thickness, width, and temper are all factors that cause changes in its price.
Secondly, the price of 6082 aluminum plate is closely related to the fluctuation of market aluminum ingot price. The price of aluminum ingots is an uncontrollable factor that we cannot predict, which is why our quotations have a validity period. As the price of aluminum ingots rises, the price of 6082 aluminum plates will rise, and vice versa.
Different aluminum plate manufacturers have different costs when producing 6082 aluminum plates, and their product prices are also different. Choose the contact method that is more convenient for you, consult online or send us an email.
cost of 6082 aluminum plate near me

6082 aluminum plate near me in Mingtai Aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum can produce 6082 aluminum plates of various specifications. As one of 6082 aluminum suppliers, the materials are reliable and can withstand the inspection of third-party companies. It provides a large number of high-quality products for major mold manufacturing and machinery manufacturing companies. The specifications can be customized, the widest can be 2600 mm, and the maximum length is 16 meters. It is a large-scale aluminum plate production and processing enterprise in China.
The person in charge of our production department said, “The 6082 alloy aluminum plate has a high casting temperature, a low casting speed, and a large water flow. The above process needs to be strictly controlled.” It is precisely such strict requirements that have created the long-term brand of Mingtai Aluminum.