6082 aluminum plate for sale

6082 aluminum plate for sale, heat treatment can strengthen the alloy, Al-Mg-Si series of medium-strength aluminum alloy. Formability, weldability, machinability and corrosion resistance are all very good. Better operability, although it can be maintained after annealing. Typical applications are mechanical structures, with many product forms, including bars, plates, pipes and profiles. It is widely used in large-scale welded structural parts, marine parts and blanks for mold processing.
6082 aluminum plate for sale

Features of 6082 aluminum plate for sale

The main feature of 6082 aluminum plate for sale is that it contains appropriate amount of Mn and Mg, and the content of Si is relatively high. The addition of Mn to 6082 alloy gold mainly plays a role in improving the strength of quenching artificial aging and natural aging, increasing the recrystallization temperature, refining the grain, and improving the bending performance of the profile. However, adding too much Mn will produce T phase, lose part of Si, and weaken the strengthening effect of Si; cause severe intragranular segregation in the a phase.
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Mechanical properties of 6082 aluminum plate for sale

This alloy is similar to but not identical to 6061 alloy, and so are its mechanical properties. Its T6 state has high mechanical properties. 6082 aluminum plate alloy is a commonly used alloy product, which has a wide range of applications at home and abroad. Processing raw materials, seamless aluminum tubes, structural profiles and customized profiles, all of which can use 6082 aluminum alloy.
Very good processing characteristics and good anode reaction performance, these are the good characteristics of 6082 aluminum sheet. Anodic reaction is possible. There are some very common anodic reaction methods, such as removing impurities and dyeing, coating and so on. 6082 aluminum alloy combines the excellent aluminum alloy characteristics, such as weldability, brazing property, corrosion resistance, formability and machinability.
The O temper and T4 temper of 6082 aluminum alloy are suitable for projects that require bending and forming. The T5 and T6 tempers are suitable for projects that require machinability. Some specific processing projects require help to separate the chips. You can use a chip separator. Or other special crafts.
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Application fields of 6082 aluminum plate for sale

6082 aluminum plate for sale is mainly used in the transportation industry and structural engineering manufacturing, such as roads and bridges, lifting equipment, roof structures, transport aircraft, and container ships. 6082 aluminum plate for sale is an ideal material for the production of high-speed ship components. In addition, there are some specific applications, such as camera lenses, couplers, marine accessories and hardware factories, electrical accessories, air-conditioning copper pipes, automotive aluminum, etc. You can use 6082 aluminum plate for sale. If you need 6082 aluminum alloy for your next project, please contact us, as one of 6082 aluminum suppliers, our price has an advantage.Zhengzhou mingtai aluminium