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4 kinds of alloys including 6063 aluminum sheet, 6082 aluminum sheet, 6061 aluminum sheet, 6005 aluminum sheet and their different tempering have occupied the important position of 6××× series alloys. They cover the entire range of tensile strength σb from 180Mpa to 360Mpa Of all alloys. As a 6063 aluminum sheet supplier, Henan Mingtai Al‘s 6-series aluminum sheet has mature technology and advanced technology, and has a stable market in China. The representative products of the 6 series produced by Mingtai, 6063 aluminum sheet and 6061 aluminum sheet, have been widely praised by the market thanks to years of production experience and excellent quality standards.
6063 aluminum sheet supplier

6063 aluminum sheet supplier chemical composition

When the chemical composition has a large range, the performance difference will also have a large fluctuation range, and the overall performance will be affected. Regarding the role and influence of the chemical composition of 6063 aluminum alloy, there are the following. 6063 aluminum alloy is an AL-Mg-Si series alloy, which is typically characterized by medium strength and heat-treatable strengthening. The main alloying elements are Mg and Si.
If you want to optimize the chemical composition, you first need to determine the percentage of Mg and Si.
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Mg and Si form the strengthening phase Mg2Si, which characteristics will change? Heat treatment strengthening effect, plasticity, processing performance, corrosion resistance.
What effect will the number of Si bring? The first thing is to ensure that the role of Mg is fully utilized. Metal fluidity, casting performance, heat treatment strengthening effect, tensile strength, plasticity, and corrosion resistance may all be changed.
The heat treatment strengthening effect of 6063 aluminum alloy varies with the amount of Mg2Si, the amount increases, and the effect increases.
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6063 aluminum sheet supplier 6063 VS 6061

Whether it is our common aluminum alloy doors and windows or daily necessities, a large amount of aluminum is used as a raw material. On the surface, there is not much difference between aluminum alloys, but after careful study, you will find that due to the difference in composition and production process, the use effects of different aluminum alloys are different, and even have great differences. For example, 6063 VS 6061.
As a more commonly used alloy, 6061 aluminum alloy is not only widely used in life, but also plays an important role in industrial applications. The 6063 aluminum sheet, which is similar to the 6061 aluminum sheet, has a different application range because of the difference in aluminum content.
The processing performance of 6063 aluminum alloy is good, it has superior mechanical strength and physical properties, and has certain corrosion resistance and coloring processing ability. It can ensure a smooth appearance and is more used in some building materials projects. Because many people don’t know the characteristics of aluminum alloy, they will be distressed when purchasing. Understanding the characteristics of aluminum alloy is to let you find aluminum products suitable for the project.