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According to 6063 aluminum sheet manufacturer, 6063 aluminum alloy is a medium-strength heat-treatable strengthening alloy in the Al-Mg-Si series. It is widely used in building aluminum doors, windows, and curtain wall frames. It is within the specified 6063 alloy composition range. Different values ​​of will result in different material characteristics, which will affect the different use areas of the material.
6063 has particularly excellent extrudability and weldability. 6063 aluminum sheet is characterized by high plasticity and corrosion resistance under the temperature and speed conditions of pressure processing, and can be extruded into complex forgings at high speed. The quenching temperature range of 6063 aluminum sheet is wide, and the quenching sensitivity is low. There is no tendency to stress corrosion; during welding, its corrosion resistance is practically not reduced. Processing can make the surface very smooth, and it is more convenient to anodic oxidation and coloring.
6063 aluminum sheet manufacturer

6063 aluminum sheet manufacturer 6061

In order to improve the machinability, lead and bismuth can be added in Mg2Si solid solution in aluminum. This alloy has artificial age hardening function.
Whether it is our common aluminum alloy rolling door or cans, a large amount of aluminum is used as a raw material. Although for ordinary people, aluminum alloy is not much different, after careful study, it will be found that due to the difference in composition and production process, the effect of aluminum alloy is actually quite different.
As a commonly used model, 6061 aluminum alloy is not only widely used in daily life, but also plays an important role in industrial applications. The 6063 aluminum sheet, which is similar to the 6061 aluminum sheet, has a different application range because of the difference in aluminum content.
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6063 aluminum sheet manufacturer 6063

The processing performance of 6063 aluminum alloy is good, with superior mechanical strength and physical properties. It has a certain degree of corrosion resistance and coloring ability, which can ensure the smooth appearance of the profile, and it is more used in some building materials projects. Because many people don’t know the characteristics of aluminum alloy, they will be distressed by some differences, such as the difference in price and quality. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of aluminum alloys.
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Both T5 and T6 are one of the heat treatment methods.
T5 is that the aluminum profile is extruded from the extruder with air cooling to quickly cool the aluminum profile to the hardness requirement (Webster’s 8-12 hardness).
T6, the processing process is as follows: The aluminum profile is extruded from the extruder-water cooling makes the aluminum material instantaneously cooled-the aluminum profile can reach higher hardness requirements (Webster’s 13.5 hardness or more)
Both have the same modulus of elasticity. Under normal circumstances, use the T5 state. There is a situation where the deflection of the rod can pass, but the tensile strength is slightly lower, and the T6 state can be used. The strength of T6 is better than T5. When quenching in a profile factory, T5 is generally air-cooled, and T6 is generally water-cooled.