6063 aluminum sheet for sale

6063 aluminum sheet for sale is one of the most popular aluminum products in the 6000 series. The 6063 aluminum sheet for sale can be heat-treated and strengthened, has high impact toughness, and is not sensitive to notches. According to the national standard, it far exceeds the standard. And provide the original factory warranty certificate, the quality is more assured. 6063 aluminum sheet for sale can be used in the field of automotive lightweighting, as well as a wide range of applications in other fields, and has an excellent reputation.
6063 aluminum sheet for sale

6063 aluminum sheet for sale for wheel hub

The wheel hub is one of the main components of the automobile driving system. It has a great relationship with car driving performance, ride comfort and safety. For a long time, steel materials have been used as the material of automobile wheels, but with the continuous advancement of design and manufacturing technology of aluminum wheels, they are gradually developing and become the best choice of wheel materials. And 6063 aluminum sheet is often used on automobile wheels.
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6063 aluminum sheet for sale for furniture

6063 alloy aluminum belongs to the Al-Mg-Si series, which can be used in furniture and is widely used in building aluminum doors and windows. 6063 aluminum sheet has high wind pressure resistance, assembly performance, corrosion resistance and decoration performance. It also has the characteristics of good plasticity, heat treatment strength, and welding performance; and after anodizing treatment, the surface is gorgeous, the surface is very smooth after processing, and it is easy to anodize and color. 6063 aluminum sheet is used in furniture manufacturing. 6063 used to make furniture will not only reduce the weight of the furniture, but also will not rot like wood after long-term use. The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is very good, and aluminum will spontaneously form an oxide film in contact with air. Even after processing, the aluminum alloy will hardly rust. Therefore, it is excellent to make furniture with aluminum alloy, which is both beautiful and practical.
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6063 aluminum sheet for sale marine aluminum

Port scuttles are part of ships and require high tensile strength and elongation in materials and parts. Ships have been traveling in the ocean, that is, they have been in a humid environment, so their materials must have extremely high corrosion resistance. Ships’ portholes, if 6063 aluminum is used, can meet the above requirements and meet industry standards.
In addition to high corrosion resistance and rust resistance, the materials used in ships must also be able to resist the impact of wind and waves. In order to resist the external force and make it evenly, when resisting the impact of wind and waves, the ship material needs to play its role to the greatest extent. The main alloying elements of 6063 aluminum used in portholes are magnesium and silicon, with excellent processing performance, high stress strength, and high wind pressure resistance, assembly performance and decorative performance. This meets the material standards required by ships.