6061 t6 aluminum sheets price

Because 6061 t6 aluminum sheets price is affected by aluminum ingots, processing costs, and shipping costs, and the prices of aluminum sheets with different thicknesses are also different, if you want to know how much 6061 t6 aluminum sheets cost a ton, you have to look at the day. The price of aluminum ingots, plus the processing fee and freight, can understand the detailed quotation.
6061 t6 aluminum sheets price

6061 t6 aluminum sheets price and aluminum ingot price

One thing to tell you is that the price of aluminum ingots is not fixed, but fluctuates every day. Therefore, manufacturers’ quotations for aluminum products of the same specification will also change with the fluctuation of aluminum ingot prices. For example, the price of aluminum ingots on a certain day in a certain month is 16,000, but today’s price is 18,000. If you buy aluminum flakes now, the price per ton of aluminum flakes will increase by at least 2,000 yuan.

6061 t6 aluminum sheets price and processing cost

Different alloy grades of aluminum alloy products have different processing costs per ton. Even if it is 6061 t6 aluminum sheets of the same model and specification, there may be different costs in inquiries from several different aluminum sheet companies. This is related to the manufacturer’s equipment capabilities, product quality, and other costs.
Take the aluminum sheet manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum as an example, the processing cost of producing a certain specification of 1060-H18 alloy aluminum coil is about 5000 yuan processing fee, and the processing cost of 6061 t6 aluminum sheet is higher than that of the 1 series aluminum sheet. , The processing fee is naturally high. The quotations of other manufacturers are not the same, mainly due to the influence of manufacturers’ strength, cost control, and quality control.
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6061 t6 aluminum sheets price and freight

For large-scale aluminum industrial products, freight is one of the important links in aluminum sheet sales. The transportation distance, the quantity and specifications of the goods all affect the final freight cost of the aluminum sheet. It’s not just 6061 aluminum sheet. Generally speaking, the average transportation cost per ton of aluminum sheet will be notified to you in detail. Under normal circumstances, large manufacturers are not only reflected in the area and production capacity, but also equipped with a complete logistics system, and the overall transportation cost will be reduced.
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How to calculate 6061 t6 aluminum sheets price

Now, we can see: aluminum sheet price = (aluminum ingot price + processing fee + shipping) * quantity. In other words, the ex-factory price of one ton of aluminum sheet is composed of the current aluminum ingot price + processing fee. As long as the aluminum ingot price of the day is inquired on the Internet, please consult Mingtai Aluminum and other manufacturers for the processing fee of a certain aluminum sheet. , Then, the price per ton of aluminum sheet can be quickly calculated.
Please note that some prices may be the sales display and specifications of the product, not the actual price, and not as a reference. The specific price should still be consulted by the sales staff of the manufacturer.