6061 t6 aluminum sheets near me

What are the characteristics of 6061 t6 aluminum sheets near me? High strength, high hardness (up to HV 90 degrees or more), good processing effect and oxidation effect. No trachoma, no pores, and good flatness. Improve processing efficiency and reduce material costs. If you want to buy high-quality materials at low prices, this will be the best choice. The 6061 t6 aluminum sheets is an alloy of aluminum, magnesium, and silicon, which is a heat-treated corrosion-resistant alloy. The strength and corrosion resistance are excellent, and the uniformity is good.
6061 t6 aluminum sheets near me

T6 temper in 6061 t6 aluminum sheets near me

The first four digits “6061” represent the alloy. The “T6” at the back stands for tempering treatment, which is generally composed of 2-3 English characters and numbers. There are five common aluminum alloy processing states.
“6” means alloying element, which refers to the 6 series alloy aluminum-magnesium-silicon;
“0” means the number of modifications, which refers to the original alloy, without special control;
The second number “6” and number 1, have no special meaning, but are used to distinguish different products of the same 6000 series.
“T6” represents the processing state is solution treatment + artificial aging. T6 represents heat treatment temper, which is the most used 6061 aluminum alloy. Production process: medium and heavy plate quenching-medium and heavy plate slicing-stretching machine-aging treatment-sawing-polishing- package. After solution heat treatment, it can be straightened and leveled without cold working.
What is 6061-T6 aluminum used for?

Features of 6061 t6 aluminum sheets near me

1. Lower the melting point and facilitate casting.
2. Increase some special properties. For example: aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy is made of pure aluminum with some alloying elements, such as aluminum-manganese alloy, aluminum-copper alloy, aluminum-copper-magnesium hard aluminum alloy, aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper super hard aluminum alloy. Compared with pure aluminum, aluminum alloy has better physical and mechanical properties, including processing performance, durability, scope of application, decorative effect, and rich colors.
3. The advantages of magnesium alloy are low density, specific strength, high specific rigidity, strong earthquake resistance, and can withstand large impact loads; at the same time, it has good cutting and polishing performance, which is suitable for aerospace, instrumentation, transportation and other industrial sectors. Important structural materials.
4. The hardness of the alloy is greater than the metal of its composition. For example, aluminum alloy.
6061 t6 aluminum sheets near me cost

Use of 6061 t6 aluminum sheets near me

It is applied to various industrial structural parts that require a certain strength (85-110 degrees) and high corrosion resistance, such as the manufacture of trucks, tower buildings, ships, trams, railway vehicles, furniture machinery parts, precision machining, molds, etc.