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6061 t6 aluminum sheets manufacturer China Mingtai Al produces 6061 aluminum sheets. The common states of 6061 aluminum sheets are 6061-t6 aluminum sheets, 6061-t651 aluminum sheets, and 6061-t4 aluminum sheets. 6061 aluminum sheet is widely used in various industries, precision instruments, mold processing, automobile industry, etc. The wide application of 6061 aluminum sheet is inseparable from its tempering factors. What kind of tempering is T6? The first is solution heat treatment, followed by artificial aging. After this temper is solid-solution heat-treated, cold working is no longer carried out. But it can be straightened and leveled. This treatment will not affect the mechanical performance limit.
6061 t6 aluminum sheets manufacturer

6061 t6 aluminum sheets manufacturer aluminum for transportation

6061 t6 aluminum sheets are also a kind of aluminum for transportation, which can be used in many aspects of transportation, including the body of automobiles, subway vehicles, railway passenger cars, high-speed passenger cars, and automobile parts and accessories such as doors and windows, shelves, Automobile engine parts, air conditioners, radiators, including body panels, wheels, and other important automobile components.
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6061 t6 aluminum sheets manufacturer T6 VS T5

T5 is generally a profile. The tensile strength and yield strength of this temper are the same as T6, the difference is that the hardness is not as high as T6. The main reason is that the cooling rate of heat treatment is not fast enough, so this result is caused.
The composition of T5 and T6 are the same, both are 6061. The alloy standard has detailed instructions and requirements for the chemical composition. As for T5 and T6, it is the tempering of aluminum alloy.
When quenching in a profile factory, air cooling is generally used for T5, and the quenching method for T6 is water cooling. Both have the same modulus of elasticity. Generally, T5 shape is used. If the deflection of the rod passes but the tensile strength is slightly worse, T6 can be used. The strength of T6 is better than T5, but T6 is generally more expensive than T5.
The heat treatment of the two materials is different. T6 is water cooling, and T5 is air cooling. T6 has higher mechanical properties.
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6061 t6 aluminum sheets manufacturer China Mingtai Al

China Mingtai Al is not only an aluminum sheet manufacturer, but also integrates R&D and sales. Our aluminum sheet products are not only 6061 t6 aluminum sheets, but also 6000 series, as well as 1 series, 2 series, 3 series, 5 series, 7 series, and 8 series products. Among them, 5052 aluminum sheet, 5083 aluminum sheet, and 6061 aluminum sheet are very popular products among customers. We have introduced ultra-wide rolling mill equipment, which can increase the maximum width of aluminum sheet to 2600mm, and the product quality is guaranteed. If you are interested in 6061 t6 aluminum sheets, or if you need to inquire about 6061 t6 aluminum sheets, please contact us. There are many types of contact methods for you to choose from on the website.