6061-t4 vs t6

The main alloying elements of 6061 are magnesium and silicon. In practical applications, there are more base materials in the two alloy tempers of t4 and t6. The letter ‘t’ represents a product that has been heat-treated or has not undergone work hardening to reach a stable temper, and there must be one or more Arabic numerals behind it to indicate the degree of heat treatment. Under normal circumstances, both 6061-t4 vs t6 have good formability and machining type, and the strength is also moderate.


The advantages of 6061-t4

6061-t4 is a natural aging to a basically stable temper after solution heat treatment. It not only has a beautiful surface and high cleanliness, it is easy to cut and weld, easy to plasticize, and has good corrosion resistance. Even the 6061-t4 sheet can be used in some high-strength occasions, and it is resistant to high temperature oxidation, which improves the safety performance during use. And the available functions are diversified.


The meaning of 6061 t6

T6 in 6061-t6 aluminum plate refers to the heat treatment temper, and it is the same treatment process as t4. However, the artificial aging temper after T6 solution heat treatment is better than the t4 temper, and it is suitable for products that are no longer cold processed after solution heat treatment. Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 is a high-quality aluminum alloy product.


6061-t4 vs t6 price comparison

Is there a big price difference between 6061-t4 vs t6? First, let’s understand that the main factors affecting the price of 6061 alloy aluminum sheets are aluminum ingot price, specific specifications and performance requirements, and sales methods. There are many variable factors, and the uncertainty of the quotation is relatively large. In general, the price difference between the 6061 t4 alloy aluminum sheet and the t6 temper will not be too large.


Precautions for maintenance of 6061 t4 and t6 aluminum

6061 t4 and t6 aluminum sheet will use punching oil, pulling oil, release agent, cutting fluid and other processing fluids in the process of stamping, drawing, casting, forging or machining. Therefore, it is necessary to perform cleaning-drying-protection treatment of aluminum sheet plate products before they are finished and put into storage.


6061 t4 and t6 temper aluminum products are prone to oxidation and mildew when stored in open or semi-enclosed spaces. According to the difference of alloy materials, the time for the product to change color is different. After cleaning and drying, the product usually starts to oxidize after 3 days under ordinary conditions, and it is gradually obvious, and it can be seen with the naked eye, and the surface may even be uneven.

For the oxidized aluminum sheet, it can be compensated by deoxidation and cleaning, and protective treatment should be done to reduce the loss.

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In addition to the two tempers of t4 and t6, 6061 also has many tempers, such as O, t651, f temper, etc. The Mingtai Al. industrial recommended above is a large aluminum sheet supplier and manufacturer, mainly customized production, and the thickness of the production is 0.3 -500mm, also can produce special specifications such as ultra-wide, ultra-thin aluminum products. Finally, I hope this article about 6061-t4 vs t6 can help those in need.