6061 series aluminum

6061 series aluminum has a wide range of uses and many excellent features. With its own series of outstanding features, such as medium strength and wide application, it is deeply loved by users. These excellent features also include corrosion resistance, weldability and oxidation resistance.

6061 series aluminum 6061 t6

The T in T6 stands for heat treatment, and 6061 t6 temper is often used. How is T6 tempered 6061 produced? The process includes quenching, slicing, stretching machine, aging treatment, sawing, polishing, and packaging of medium and heavy plates. After solution heat treatment, there are straightening and leveling treatments, and cold working is not necessary.
6061 series aluminum

6061 series aluminum is also a kind of marine aluminum

We take henan mingtai technology as an example. The thickness of the marine-grade aluminum 6061 currently produced is all above 0.3mm. If the width of the 6061 aluminum sheets you need is relatively large, the width of marine-grade aluminum 6061 produced by Henan Mingtai Technology can reach 2600mm, which is one of the few China aluminum plate manufacturers with such a production capacity. Customize on demand to make unique products for you.

6061 series aluminum chemical composition

You know, most of the properties of aluminum alloy are determined by the chemical composition, so the chemical composition is also very important. Their chemical composition is as follows:
Fe 0.7 Cu 0.15-0.40 Si 0.40-0.8 Mg 0.8-1.2 Mn 0.15 Cr 0.04-0.35 Ti 0.15 Zn 0.25Al balance.
6061 series aluminum alloy

6061 series aluminum VS 6063

6061 series aluminum plates, a Mg-Mg alloy. The strength is medium grade, and the plasticity and corrosion resistance are good grades. In particular, there is no tendency for stress corrosion cracking. In addition to this, the excellent properties include welding performance and cold workability. widely used. Very promising. After anodizing, coloring and painting, it can be used as building decoration materials. Due to the small amount of copper in the chemical composition, the strength is higher than 6063, and the quenching sensitivity is also higher than 6063. Air quenching after extrusion cannot be achieved either, and solution treatment and quenching aging are required to obtain high strength.
6061 series aluminum near me

6061 series aluminum manufacturer

6061 series aluminum plates are widely used and have a large market demand. At present, there are many aluminum plate manufacturers with production capacity. For customers who are not expected to understand the aluminum plate market, how to choose a suitable aluminum plate manufacturer has become a difficult problem. Henan Mingtai Technology can be one of your choices.
Henan Mingtai Technology has focused on the aluminum processing industry for 22 years, has five major production bases, introduced six-high cold rolling mill equipment, purchased aluminum ingot raw materials from large manufacturers, implemented 6a management system in production, and provided white/bright surface 6061 series aluminum plates , No milling is required. Worldwide distribution.