6061 price per pound

What is the 6061 price per pound? This question is worth analyzing. After all, 6061 aluminum has various forms; even the same form, such as aluminum sheets or aluminum coils that zhengzhou mingtai industry co ltd can produce, has a different temper. The 6061 aluminum we produce is of high quality and low price. As for the specific price of 6061 aluminum, how to calculate it? Please see the introduction below.
6061 price per pound

6061 price per pound and application

As a representative product of 6-series alloy products, 6061 aluminum has stable performance and naturally has a wide range of applications. Plasticity and corrosion resistance are already well-known properties. For example, some of its common applications, such as battery explosion-proof casing, mask machine machine, mobile phone casing, mobile phone card slot, automobile, mold and so on. As a Mingtai aluminum sheet manufacturer, we export 6061 aluminum sheets to many countries. The price must be a topic of concern to everyone. So how much is 6061 aluminum sheet per pound? This requires us to first know the factors that affect its price, and then analyze them one by one.
6061 aluminum price per pound

6061 price per pound and production costs

6061 price per pound is affected by the processing fee of 6061 aluminum. In the following discussion, we take 6061 aluminum sheets as an example.
The processing fee varies according to the thickness, length, width and different conditions. For example, 6061o aluminum sheet, 6061t6 aluminum sheet, 6061t651 aluminum sheet in different states; different thicknesses of 2mm, 30mm, 100mm; and different widths. For example, if you order special specifications of 6061 aluminum sheet, you need to cut, the price at this time It’s different again. Taking into account the labor and processing losses, users need to provide specific product specifications before we can give a specific 6061 aluminum sheet price.

6061 price per pound and raw materials

How much 6061 aluminum sheet is a ton is affected by the price of raw materials. No matter which alloy series, the price of aluminum sheet is the price of raw materials plus the cost of production. The market price of aluminum ingots has been fluctuating, so the overall price of 6061 aluminum sheet will not be a fixed number. Therefore, our business manager will indicate the validity period of this quotation when providing you with a price.
6061 aluminum plate price per pound

6061 price per pound and seller

6061 price per pound is affected by the seller’s business model. Dealers, traders, and manufacturers sell 6061 aluminum sheets directly on the market. Different sales models affect prices. In a comprehensive comparison, if the seller is an aluminum sheet manufacturer, the sales model of the product is generally direct sales, and the price is relatively cheap. Of course, users buy goods from a variety of shops, and choose a seller with high quality and low price.