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6061 aluminum sheet price aluminum sheet for mold. There are many types of aluminum sheets, from the 1000 series to the 7000 series, the mold aluminum alloys mainly include 5/6 series alloys and 2/7 series alloys, which belong to medium hardness and strong hardness respectively. The alloy that plays a key role in the 5 series alloy is the magnesium alloy element. Its alloy tempers mainly include O, HXX and HXXX tempering. 6061 aluminum sheets are extruded alloys added with Al-Mg-Si elements. Aluminum sheet manufacturers have found that more than 70% of the world’s aluminum extruded materials are produced with 6-series alloys. 6061 aluminum sheet is a typical aluminum sheet for molds, which has been greatly recognized so far.
6061 aluminum sheet price

6061 aluminum sheet price automobile aluminum

6061 aluminum sheet can be used for lightweight car wheels and engines. It is used in these two applications because of its high strength, corrosion resistance, and high recycling rate, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection.
The advantages of 6061 aluminum sheet as a lightweight material:
1) Aluminum alloy has good mechanical properties, low density, and its machinability is 5 times higher than that of iron. The natural oxide film formed on the surface of aluminum gives it good corrosion resistance. Automobile aluminum with the same strength is better than ordinary aluminum. Steel is much lighter.
2) The ability of aluminum to absorb impact is greater than that of steel, which is twice that of steel. Due to the good energy absorption of automobile aluminum sheet, it has obvious advantages in safety. The deformation zone at the front of the car can absorb a lot of impact, thereby protecting the driver and passengers. The aluminum sheet of the automobile reduces the weight of the automobile, can turn or brake more quickly, and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.
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3) The recycling space of automobile aluminum sheet is large. With the continuous enhancement of environmental protection awareness, people’s environmental awareness is flooded in all aspects, and the automobile industry must also improve and develop towards a green industry. Therefore, recycling of end-of-life cars has become particularly important. In order to protect the environment and save resources, the advantages of automotive aluminum sheets have once again emerged. The corrosion loss rate of aluminum products during use is very low, so aluminum is easy to recycle, and the recovery value rate is quite high.
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First of all, it is best to choose some regular, direct-selling aluminum sheet manufacturers, because all the 6061 aluminum sheets produced by direct-selling aluminum sheet manufacturers are self-produced and sold, and the alloy models are complete, customized production, and users have more choices.
Secondly, such aluminum sheet manufacturers have mature production and processing skills, high technical content, and low production and manufacturing costs, so the 6061 aluminum sheet price is relatively affordable.
Last but not least, when choosing aluminum sheet, do not put the cart before the horse. Only consider 6061 aluminum sheet price and ignore the quality of aluminum sheet. So remind everyone to shop around when buying aluminum molds, and consult more experienced people to avoid buying inferior products.