6061 aluminum sheet near me alloy composition

The main alloying elements are magnesium and silicon. The purpose of adding magnesium is to increase the strength, and containing silicon can reduce the melting temperature of the metal. Mg and Si are added to 6061 aluminum sheet near me, so it has medium strength and good correction resistance. Copper and zinc can also increase the strength of aluminum alloys. In addition, 6061 aluminum sheet/coil is a heat-treatable aluminum alloy with a relatively high utilization rate. The 6061 aluminum sheet/roll can be easily cold-worked and formed under annealed temper. Stamping, bending, rotating, and deep drawing can all be done easily using standard methods. The addition of copper has another advantage, 6061 aluminum sheets has a conductivity of 40%.
6061 aluminum sheet near me

6061 aluminum sheet near me T6 and T651

The commonly used tempers of 6061 aluminum sheet are T6 and T651. The difference between T6 and T651 is that the internal stress of T6 is relatively large. And under normal circumstances, the processing will be deformed. If it is an item that requires internal pressure, the processing temper should be T651. T651 temper is based on T6, but eliminates internal stress. The main alloying elements of 6061 aluminum alloy are magnesium and silicon, with medium strength and good corrosion resistance. And it has good weldability and good oxidation effect.
marine 6061 aluminum sheet near me

Can 6061 aluminum sheet near me be used on ships?

6061 is one of the most common materials in various alloys. T6 is a common temper of 6061 aluminum alloy. T6 refers to tempering or hardness achieved by precipitation hardening. 6061 aluminum sheet near me, this grade has a good strength-to-weight ratio, and can also be heat treated. It has excellent formability and weldability, so it can be used in engineering and structural applications, such as boats, furniture, etc. The reason why 6061 marine aluminum sheet is more widely used in marine applications is that 6061 aluminum alloy has high corrosion resistance at all temperatures and can withstand the corrosion of some substances in sea water and air; it has excellent welding and Brazing ability, can be used as hull structural parts.
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Precautions for purchasing 6061 aluminum sheet near me

After the aluminum material is handled and cut, there may be scratches (scratches). If this matter is strict, please communicate with the customer service to confirm in advance;
Aluminum has thickness, width, length and processing tolerances. For those with strict requirements, please communicate with customer service in advance to confirm;
The specific price is based on different alloys and specifications, subject to the quotation provided by the sales manager;
Communicate with customer service in advance, the quotation is subject to the theoretical calculation calculated according to the alloy and specifications;
Mingtai Aluminum provides samples of aluminum products free of charge, and the specifications are the same as the size of A4 paper. (Freight must be paid by oneself).