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You may be considering 6061 aluminum because it is one of the most common alloys. 6061 aluminum sheet manufacturer introduces the different tempering of 6061 aluminum. I hope it will be helpful when you choose 6061 aluminum tempering.
Generally, the treatment of 6061 aluminum includes solution heat treatment and aging treatment. T6 tempering means that it has been artificially aged to achieve maximum strength.
Can 6061 T6 aluminum be bent? This issue is a concern for many customers. From a bending perspective, it is best to always bend these parts to an annealed temper and then temper them to the correct temper. This is ideal, but the reality is that many parts are processed with bending machines with unsatisfactory temperament. Ideally, for aluminum alloys, 3003 and 5052 will bend, but 6061 alloy will not bend. Of course, it is not impossible to bend 6061 alloy, but it is very difficult, and a large bend radius is likely to be required to avoid cracks on the outside of the bend. If you are not careful, you can completely break the bend line.
6061 aluminum sheet manufacturer

6061 aluminum sheet manufacturer 6061-O

The maximum ultimate tensile strength of 6061-O tempering does not exceed 150 MPa (22 ksi), and the maximum yield strength does not exceed 83 MPa (12 ksi) or 110 MPa (16 ksi). The elongation (stretch before ultimate failure) of this material is 10-18%. In order to obtain annealed temper, the alloy is usually heated at 415°C for 2-3 hours. Uses include aircraft accessories, camera lens mounts, electrical accessories and connectors, decorative hardware, pistons, equipment accessories, valves and valve parts, etc.
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6061 aluminum sheet manufacturer 6061 VS 5052

Like 6061 aluminum sheets, 5052 alloy elements also contain magnesium. In 5052 alloy, magnesium is the only main alloying element. 6061 also has magnesium, but it is not the only main alloying element. 6061 aluminum alloy contains silicon. One of the main advantages of this alloy is its high weldability. For projects where weldability is the key, 6061 aluminum alloy can be mainly used. However, one disadvantage of 5052 is that it cannot be heat treated to increase strength. It is also suitable for various welding applications and performs well in marine applications due to its high corrosion resistance.
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6061 aluminum sheet manufacturer

6061 aluminum sheet manufacturer The general characteristics of 6061 aluminum: medium to high strength. Its corrosion resistance, weldability, workability and machinability are all good grades.
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