6061 aluminum sheet for sale

The key aluminum alloy elements of 6061 aluminum sheet for sale are magnesium and silicon, which have a medium level of compressive strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and weldability. The air oxidation effect is very good, and it is widely used in various industrial production parts that have a certain compressive strength and strong antibacterial corrosion resistance. The 6061 series are heat-treatable sheets with a wide range of applications. Specifications: thickness between 0.3-500mm and width: 200-2650mm.
6061 aluminum sheet for sale

Advantages of 6061 aluminum sheet for sale

6061 aluminum sheets advantages: It can be tempered to T6 through heat treatment, the hardness can reach above 90HB, and the hardness is higher. But it should be noted that the bending effect is not good under T6 temper. The cutting performance of 6061 aluminum alloy is better, and it is suitable for milling machine processing and welding processing.
In the production process, especially in the heat treatment process, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of internal pores. The internal pores of 6061 aluminum sheet are usually caused by too high heat treatment temperature or too long holding time. At the same time, it is also related to the diffusion of hydrogen. It is called high temperature oxidation in the industry. Therefore, the processing time of 6061 products must be strictly controlled during the heat treatment.
6061 aluminum sheet sizes

6061 aluminum sheet for sale price

The price of 6061 aluminum sheet for sale is related to the specific processing fee. It mainly depends on the length, width and thickness of the 6061 aluminum sheet required, whether it is a large plate or a small plate after cutting. The thickness is different, the price is different. The market price of conventional 2/4/6/mm aluminum sheet is similar, while the price of 6061 medium-thick aluminum sheet and ultra-thick plate is more expensive. If you want to know the specific price, you can click online consultation on the right.
6061 aluminum sheet specifications

6061 aluminum sheet for sale manufacturer recommendation

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