6061 aluminium alloy

6061 aluminium alloy, an aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon as the main alloying elements, is an aluminum alloy that can be strengthened by heat treatment. Excellent characteristics: corrosion resistance, welding performance, formability and process performance; other characteristics: medium strength; no stress corrosion cracking tendency; welding corrosion resistance unchanged. 6061 aluminium alloy has a balanced content of magnesium and silicon. The total mass fraction of magnesium and silicon has a range, and the mass fraction of Mg2Si also has a range value. The solution treatment temperature is high, the quenching sensitivity is low, and the extrusion performance is good. It can be directly air quenched after extrusion, has high corrosion resistance and good anodizing treatment effect.
6061 aluminium alloy

6061 aluminium alloy VS 7075

6061 aluminium alloy is duralumin like 6063, 7075 aluminum is super duralumin, also known as aviation aluminum. Hardness and strength are the main differences between the three. 6061-T6 aluminum sheet Brinell hardness ≥ 95HB; 6063-T6 aluminum sheet Brinell hardness ≥ 73HB; 7075-T6 aluminum sheet Brinell hardness ≥ 150HB. The products have different uses. 6061 is used for various industrial structures; 6063 alloy aluminum sheet is used for construction profiles, irrigation pipes and other extruded materials.

The role of manganese in 6061 aluminium alloy

Adding manganese to the alloy can increase strength, improve corrosion resistance, impact toughness and bending performance. When w(Mn)<0.2%, with the increase of manganese content, the strength of the alloy will be greatly improved. The manganese content continues to increase, manganese and silicon form the AIMnSi phase, and part of the silicon necessary to form the Mg2Si phase is lost. The strengthening effect of the AlMgSi phase is smaller than that of the Mg2Si phase. Therefore, the alloy strengthening effect is reduced.
When manganese and copper are added at the same time, the strengthening effect is not as good as that of manganese alone, but it can increase the elongation and improve the grain size of the annealed product.
After adding manganese to the alloy, it is better to increase the temperature quickly during annealing.
6061 aluminium alloy aluminum

6061 aluminium alloy VS 5052

Both 6063 and 5052 are aluminum alloys with magnesium and Mg as the main alloying element. The difference is that in addition to the Mg element, the 6061 aluminum sheets also have the Si element. Strength: 6061 is slightly better than 5052. The main purpose of 5052 aluminum sheet is to require high plasticity and good weldability. The typical use of 6061 aluminum sheet is building materials, such as building aluminum doors and windows, and curtain wall frames. Doors, windows and curtain walls need to have the following properties: wind pressure resistance, assembly performance, corrosion resistance and decoration performance, so the comprehensive performance requirements of aluminum alloy materials are very high.
6061 aluminium alloy product

Where to buy 6061 aluminium alloy

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