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6005 aluminum, an alloy in the 6000 series, can be used in various commercial structural and architectural applications. Transportation, automotive, industrial, electrical, machinery and equipment industries. 6005 provides good corrosion resistance and surface treatment characteristics for anodizing or paint. Various commercial methods can be used to weld or braze the 6005 alloy. What about 6005 aluminum prices?
6005 aluminum prices

6005 aluminum prices and its characteristics

In fact, if it is compared with 6061-T6, 6005-T5 and 6105-T5, the level of mechanical properties of 6005-T61 tempered is similar to them; compared with 6005 and 6105, the toughness of 6005 has been improved; compared with 6061 alloy Compared to 6005, the chemical composition is different, and it is this difference that provides it with improved extrudability.
Specific 6005 aluminum prices

6005 aluminum prices are related to thickness

In fact, 6005 aluminum prices are related to many factors, such as thickness. Manufacturers generally give quotations in metric tons. If the customer wants the price per square meter of aluminum plate, this is closely related to the thickness. But in fact, the price per square meter is based on the price per metric ton. Nevertheless, we still recognize the importance of thickness in deriving 6005 aluminum prices.
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Specific 6005 aluminum prices

If you want more specific 6005 aluminum prices, you need to provide more detailed information, such as tempering, surface treatment methods, etc. Generally speaking, tempering is related to the process. Different processes use different production technologies, so processing fees are also different. 6005 aluminum alloy is a heat-treatable alloy, generally hot-rolled, T temper, and the price of 6005 aluminum with different T tempers is also different. There is also width. If you need ultra-wide (above 1800 mm) aluminum plate, it will be more expensive than the commonly used width. If you do not have the necessary requirements, you can choose conventional specifications aluminum plate. If you want to color coated or anodized aluminum, you need to carry out further surface treatment process, resulting in additional costs.
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