6005 aluminum for sale

6005 aluminum for sale belongs to the Al-Mg-Si series alloy, which is characterized by medium strength, good plasticity, corrosion resistance, weldability and processing formability, and the above comprehensive properties are excellent. Mainly used in the production of welded structural parts; mechanical parts that require high plasticity and high corrosion resistance; high-speed trains, subways, urban light rail and other rail transit vehicles; building curtain walls, sliding gates, etc. 6005 aluminum is widely used in industry, and its usage is second only to steel. In recent years, the thicker 6005 aluminum plate has been used in the manufacture of high-speed train locomotives at high frequency.
Product status: O, T4, T6, T651
Common specifications: 0.3-600mm
Application areas: sheet metal parts for aircraft fuel tanks/oil pipes, transportation vehicles/ships
Processing technology: hot rolling
6005 aluminum for sale

6005 aluminum for sale VS 6063

The tensile strength and yield strength of 6005 T1 are equal to those of 6063-T5, and the elongation is twice as much. This has advantages for the profiles used for bending and does not require artificial aging after bending like 6063 profiles. . This not only reduces the process, but also saves costs. Regarding mechanical properties, 6005-T5 is better than 6063-T6. When it is applied to the building curtain wall, it is guaranteed in terms of mechanical properties. After authoritative testing, its air permeability, rainwater permeability, wind pressure deformation performance and in-plane deformation performance have reached the level specified by national standards.
6005 aluminum for sale VS 6063

Typical application of 6005 aluminum for sale

1. Lightweight rail passenger car body structure is one of the key technologies for railways to realize high-speed train operation, and 6005A-T6 aluminum alloy can be used. As a medium-strength aluminum alloy, it can be used in some types of passenger cars, including urban railways and railways. It can also be used to manufacture the body of high-speed EMUs.
2. When used in building curtain walls, 6005 alloy sheet can replace 6063 alloy sheet. Elongation: The elongation of 6005 aluminum plate is greater than that of 6063 aluminum plate; mechanical properties: the mechanical properties of 6005-T5 are higher than 6063-T6, which is also guaranteed when applied to building curtain walls. After testing, many characteristics have reached the advanced level: such as air permeability, rainwater permeability, wind pressure deformation performance and in-plane deformation performance.
6005 aluminum for sale price

6005 aluminum for sale performance advantages

Corrosion resistance, weldability, cold workability, etc., are its outstanding characteristics. Its intensity is at a moderate level;
In addition, fatigue strength, plasticity and corrosion resistance are all at a high level;
The forming performance is also at an excellent level;
Mingtai Aluminum, as a 6005 aluminum manufacturer, has 6 semi-continuous casting production lines and 10 continuous casting and rolling production lines; it not only increases the types of products, but also the types of large-scale processing equipment. Today, the annual output of aluminum sheet/sheet/strip/foil has reached 1 million tons, which provides a solid foundation for the large-scale production of 6005 aluminum.