5mm aluminium sheet

The 5mm aluminium sheet is light in weight and weighs about one third of the same volume of steel. And the plasticity of 5mm aluminium sheet is good and easy to process. At the same time, it is an alloy metal material with high cost performance. Aluminium sheet 5mm has corrosion resistance and recycling advantages,


Application of 5mm aluminium sheet

The corrosion resistance and antirust effect of the 5mm aluminium sheet in the ocean and humid atmosphere are obvious. This 5mm alloy can made into various parts and rivet materials used in shipbuilding, construction and other places. Adding iron and nickel to the aluminium-copper-magnesium system can be developed into a forged alloy with good high-temperature strength and process performance.


5mm 5083 aluminum alloy sheet

5mm thick 5083 aluminium alloy sheet belongs to Al-Mg-Si aluminum alloy. In addition to aluminum, the main components are magnesium and silicon. Magnesium exceeding 4.0% makes the 5083 aluminium 5mm sheet have excellent correction resistance and is easy to weld. By adding copper, the 5083 aluminum sheet has a conductivity of 28%.

5mm 6063 aluminium sheet

5mm 6063 aluminium alloy sheet is Al-Mg-Si alloy products, which has excellent processing performance, excellent weldability, extrusion and plating performance. And it a typical extruded alloy with good corrosion resistance, toughness, easy polishing, excellent anodizing effect.
5mm 6063 aluminum sheet has good plasticity. It is widely used in building profiles, irrigation pipes, vehicles, benches, furniture, lifts.