5a06 aluminum alloy

The main alloying element in 5A06 alloy is magnesium, which has good corrosion resistance and weldability, as well as medium strength. The excellent corrosion resistance makes 5A06 alloy widely used in maritime applications such as ships, and automobiles, and pressure vessels (such as liquid tank trucks, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers) that require strict fire protection.

5a06 aluminum sheet plate production supplier

Mingtai Aluminum’s large-scale 5000 series aluminum sheet production supplier can produce ultra-wide 5a06 aluminum sheet plate (width 2650mm), 5a06 diamond aluminum plate, 5a06 aluminum alloy thin sheet, 5a06 medium-thick aluminum sheet plate and other products. Mingtai Aluminum’s aluminum sheets, aluminum coils and other products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The factory is shipped with the original factory warranty, which is safe and secure.

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Mingtai 5a06 aluminum sheet can be customized

Mingtai newly introduced large-scale fully intelligent automatic aluminum plate cutting equipment. The cutting saw has smooth and smooth edges, no burrs on the corners, accurate cutting, small tolerances, normal cutting tolerances of 1-2mm, and can be processed according to the size required by the customer. And can be customized a variety of specifications, the conventional thickness of aluminum plate in the range of 0.2mm-500mm. 5a06 The aluminum alloy plate has a smooth surface and high flatness. The aluminum plate is invisible to the naked eye. It has been rigorously tested by a variety of imported instruments, and the qualified products are approved for delivery. Electron microscope, etc.

5a06 aluminum plate price composition

In general, the price of 5a06 aluminum plate is composed of the market aluminum ingot price and the processing fee of aluminum plate manufacturers. Due to the different production processes, the prices of different manufacturers are different. Of course, the most important thing is to take the quality of the aluminum plate as the premise, and it is most important to identify the manufacturer’s brand. If necessary, you can provide the thickness, width, length, amount of 5a06 alloy aluminum plate, leave your contact information, you can get a preferential quote from Mingtai professional sales manager.