5454 h34 aluminum

5454 h34 aluminum belongs to the 5xxx series Al-Mg alloy, which has good mechanical properties, cutting performance, anodic oxidation performance, and good corrosion resistance in humid environments. Of course, the excellent performance is also affected by the alloy temperer. This article will introduce the characteristics of the 5454 h34 temperers.5454-h34-aluminum-1

5454 h34 is the most commonly used aluminum temper. H34 can be understood as incomplete annealing and work hardening. That is, the product has been annealed and its hardness is downgraded. It is suitable for processing and molding. At the same time, in order to prevent the product from being too soft, it is properly processed The work hardening. The number 34 represents that the modified product has been processed to obtain 1/2 hardness.

The difference and connection between 5454 h34 and h32

The first digit after H indicates the basic processing procedure to obtain this temper. H3 represents the temper of work hardening and stabilization. After work hardening, artificial aging at room temperature or heat during processing causes its mechanical properties to stabilize. This is the same part of the two alloy temper of H34 and H32.


The difference between the two temperers of H34 and H32 is the heat treatment process. The second digit after H indicates the degree of work hardening of the product. It is not difficult to see from the second Arabic numerals of H32 and H34 that the hardening degree of H34 is slightly higher than the 5454 h32 aluminum sheet after heat treatment, and the corresponding tensile strength and physical strength will be higher.

Advantages of 5454 over other 5xxx alloys

Compared with 5052, the strength of 5454 is about 20% higher, and its characteristics are roughly the same as that of 5154, but its corrosion resistance in harsh environments is better than that of 5154. 5454 aluminum has various tempers such as O, H12, H24, H32, H34, H14, etc. In terms of performance, it not only has high strength and high corrosion resistance but also has good plasticity and good forming processability.


5454 h34 aluminum can be used as marine aluminum

The construction and working environment of ships require that the materials should have good corrosion resistance, weldability, plasticity, and certain tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, impact resistance, and other properties. 5454 h34 aluminum can meet these performance requirements, and there are also some Al-Mg and Al-Mg-Si alloys that can also be used as marine aluminum with good effects.

5454 h34 aluminum supplier

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a large privately-owned aluminum processing listed company from China. It has advanced modular production equipment. The 5454 h34 aluminum produced uses continuous casting and rolling processing technology and has good forming and processing properties. The products sell well all over the country and are exported to the United States, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Canada, UAE, and other countries and regions. The quality and brand are deeply trusted by customers.