5454 Aluminum plate Sheet

5454 aluminum plate is a typical anti-rust 5000 series aluminum alloy. The alloy contains more Mg element, so it has good corrosion resistance, so it is also called an anti-rust aluminum alloy. The aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate has a lightweight and low density and plays a large role in lightweight automotive.


5454 aluminum plate compared with other 5000 series products

The strength of the 5454 aluminum plate is approximately 20% greater than that of 5052 aluminum sheet. There is no significant difference in the types of alloy components, only the difference in percentage content. Compared with 5182 aluminum sheet, it also has certain differences in performance and use. 5182 contains more magnesium and manganese than 5454, so the performance of 5182 aluminum during machining is better than that of the 5454 aluminum sheet.


5454 aluminum plate own properties advantages

5454 aluminum alloy has strong plasticity, is not easy to produce processing cracks, has a low welding twill tendency, and has good welding performance. The 5454 aluminum alloy produced by Mingtai has good corrosion resistance and high tensile strength. There are many types of 5454 aluminum sheet temper, including O, H34, H111, H116, etc., which fully meet the different needs of customers.


5454 aluminum application prospects

Lightweight cars are increasingly sought after by the public, including passenger cars, bus cars, tank cars, and so on. All-aluminum alloy tank trucks are suitable for lightweight vehicles, and the market demand is also increasing. Taking the oil tank truck as an example, the aluminum alloy tank car body uses a low-density aluminum alloy material, which makes the fuel tanks have higher mechanical properties, strong corrosion performance, and good heat dissipation performance.

The tank car made by using aluminum alloy tank instead of carbon steel tank fully utilizes the lightweight performance of aluminum alloy material so that the weight of the vehicle is 3000-4000kg less than that of the general carbon steel tank truck. The advantages of the 5454 aluminum sheet aluminum alloy tank truck Increasingly obvious.


5454 aluminum packaging and delivery

When packaging and shipping the 5454 aluminum sheet plate, Mingtai uses paper or film to ensure that the surface of the aluminum plate is intact and scratch-free;

At the same time, the plastic or kraft paper package is used to prevent moisture and rain, and to ensure that the aluminum plate is clean and free of dirt during transportation (each package all are equipped with moisture-proof desiccants to ensure the quality of our products in the rainy East and South China regions);

Then add wooden brackets and reinforce with steel belts to avoid collisions during transportation and ensure that the geometry of the aluminum plate remains unchanged;

5454 aluminum sheet products packed in wooden boxes and brackets marked with fumigation When exported ; in addition, products are also packed according to other packaging requirements of customers.