5454 aluminum plate price and itself

The first 5454 aluminum plate price factor is the characteristics of the 5454 aluminum plate.
The formability of 5454 alloy is good in a soft tempered state and can be extruded.
Good corrosion resistance. Whether in petrochemical and other media, or in extremely strong industrial environments and marine atmospheric environments, 5454 aluminum plates show excellent corrosion resistance.
Excellent weldability. 5454 aluminum has good weldability through certain methods, but brazing and brazing are not recommended. But it has fewer welding cracks.
Can be sandblasted, sanded and polished.
5454 aluminum plate price

5454 aluminum plate price and application

5454 aluminum plate is used in many fields and occasions. Road transport body manufacturing, chemical plants and processing plants, cryogenic devices, marine and offshore, towers, telegraph poles and masts, and pressure vessels, vessels and boilers.
5454 aluminum plate temper type
The most common tempers of 5454 aluminum are:
H111-The forming process gives some work hardening ability, but it is lower than the hardness required for H11 tempering.
H22-work hardened by rolling, and then annealed to a quarter hard.
H32-rolling hardened and then stabilized by low temperature heat treatment.
Wholesale 5454 Aluminum Plate

5454 aluminum plate price

There are two influencing factors for the price of a ton of 5454 aluminum plate, aluminum ingot price and processing fee. Take 3003 aluminum plate and 5454 aluminum plate for example. The alloy types are different, the materials used are different, and the manufacturing process is different, so the quotations must be different. For specific quotation, please consult Mingtai Aluminum Company to inform your needs. Mingtai Aluminum, the manufacturer of 5454 aluminum sheet, can also produce 5052 alloy aluminum sheet, 6061 aluminum sheet, 6061t6 aluminum sheet, and 6061t651 aluminum sheet.
When purchasing 5454 aluminum sheet, users are more concerned about its price. There are many manufacturers in the market. Due to various factors, the quotations of 5454 aluminum plates are also very different. There are many factors that can affect its price, including the selected manufacturer, product quality, product thickness and width specifications, as well as the manufacturer’s after-sales service and market conditions. These are all important factors that affect prices.
5454 alloy aluminum plate price

Mingtai Aluminum 5454 aluminum plate price

Our company’s 5454 aluminum plate adopts a self-developed production line, and the aluminum profile produced is flat and the quality is guaranteed; secondly, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. uses advanced domestic production technology and has relatively rich production experience The cost waste in the process is relatively small.
In consideration of the smooth progress of your project, the quality of 5454 aluminum sheet must be guaranteed. If you want to buy high-quality 5454 aluminum sheet that is economical, reliable in quality and performance, Mingtai will be your first choice.