5454 aluminum plate manufacturer

5454 aluminum plate manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum 5454 aluminum plate is widely used in the fields of automobiles and aluminum tank car cylinders, and has a good reputation. Welded structures, pressure vessels, pipelines for marine facilities, and automobile wheels are all specific applications. Among 5000 series aluminum alloys, the commonly used alloys are 5754 aluminum plate, 5454 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate, and 5052 aluminum plate. 5052 aluminum plate is familiar to everyone, and it is a general-purpose aluminum alloy. However, in fact, 5454 aluminum plate manufacturer 5454 aluminum plate is also a kind of alloy aluminum plate with strong applicability.
5454 aluminum plate manufacturer

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5454 aluminum plate manufacturer China Mingtai Al regards product quality as life and users as God, and has always followed the quality policy of being responsible for each process, responsible for each product, and responsible for each user. We will serve users wholeheartedly. Through the relevant quality system certification, users can purchase with confidence.
5454 aluminum plate makes the aluminum alloy tank car body lightweight, more economical and practical, more than 4 tons lighter than similar steel tank cars, and 20% more carrying capacity than steel tank cars. Lighter weight, reducing fuel consumption and tire wear, thereby reducing daily operating costs and maintenance costs.
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5454 aluminum plate manufacturer specializes and formalizes the production of industrial plants. It has complete production facilities, high technical level, skilled craftsmanship, and strong professional skills. It has independent production lines from design, research and development to production and inspection.
Tanks made of 5454 aluminum have good compatibility with most chemical media such as acetone, benzene, gasoline and diesel, kerosene, glacial acetic acid, etc., have a long-lasting appearance, are easy to clean, and most have a service life of about 15-20 years.
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China Mingtai Al always insists on good customer service, can solve the various production needs of users in a timely and effective manner, eagerly solve user doubts before sales, design and configure production plans for free, schedule production and delivery in a timely and effective manner, and be able to track and return visits in a timely manner.
5454 aluminum meets the needs of the era of lightweight development. The use of aluminum tank trucks effectively reduces energy consumption and emissions. At the same time, aluminum is a recyclable material with a high recovery rate. According to the current price of aluminum in the international market, there is an income from the recycling of cans alone. This virtually saves the company’s operating costs. Aluminum alloy tanker trucks are environmentally friendly vehicles. The lightweight of aluminum alloy tanker trucks means that fuel consumption and pollutant emissions can be reduced. Reducing fuel consumption also means reducing exhaust emissions. Exhaust gas contains a large amount of carbon dioxide, which is a major source of pollution to the environment.