5182 o aluminum mechanical properties

Among the 1-8 series aluminum alloys, the 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloys are particularly widely used. Among them, the 5182 aluminum sheet is a representative product with medium strength, good corrosion resistance, workability and weldability. Let’s learn about the representative 5182 o aluminum mechanical properties.

5182 auminum alloy poduct

Product name: aluminum sheet / aluminum plate / aluminum coil / aluminum strip
Product brand: 5182
Alloy state: O, H22, H19, H111, H32
Product standards: GB/T, GJB, ASTM, EN
Thickness range of aluminum sheet: 0.15-600 mm
Aluminum sheet width range: 20-2650 mm
Length range of aluminum sheet: 500-16000 mm


5182 o aluminum properties

mechanical properties: good machining performance, good polishing, and EDM workability
Corrosion resistance: excellent corrosion resistance
Formability: good formability, cutting performance
Surface treatment: paint, powder spraying and excellent anodizing
Solderability: Products can be welded by MIG, TIG, laser and high frequency methods

5182 o aluminum application examples

5182 o aluminum thick plate and thin sheet have a wide range of applications. The thin sheet is used to process easy-open can lids, automobile body sheets, control sheets panels, reinforcements, brackets and other parts. Pressure vessels, pipelines for marine facilities, automobile wheels, tankers, etc.


5182 vs 5454 aluminum

The difference between 5182 vs 5454 aluminum plate is that the content of alloy components is different, and the properties are different. Both are 5 series aluminum-magnesium-manganese aluminum sheets. The content of magnesium and manganese in 5182 is more than that of 5454, and there are differences in performance. , 5182 aluminum sheet has good welding performance in gas welding, argon arc welding, spot welding and seam welding.

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