5083-h116 aluminum sheet

Among the alloy states of 5083 aluminium sheet plate, most are H111/H112/H116/H321. Among them, the magnesium content of 5083-h116 aluminum sheet is as high as 4.9%, which is a high-magnesium alloy. It has high corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of seawater. It is mostly used for underwater parts of ships.


5083-h116 aluminum sheet has outstanding performance

The density of 5083-h116 aluminum sheet is low, only 2.66 g/cm³; the tensile strength of 5083 alloy is higher, which is higher than some low-carbon mild steel, and it is durable and has excellent corrosion resistance; 5083 h116 aluminum sheet The welding performance is also very good, and it is not easy to crack and deform after processing.

The use of 5083-h116 aluminum sheet for marine aluminum sheet depends on three factors

1. Consider light weight.

Marine aluminum plates generally use thin plates over 1.6mm and thicker 5083-h116 aluminum sheets over 30mm. Aluminum-magnesium alloys have low density and light weight, which can reduce the weight of the hull and increase the load capacity.

2. Consider from the aspect of corrosion resistance.

5083 h116 aluminum sheet belongs to the aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is a typical anti-rust aluminum, which can adapt to the highly corrosive seawater environment for a long time.

3. Consider from the aspect of safety.

5083-h116 aluminum sheet has medium strength, good processing performance, excellent weldability, fatigue resistance, no cracks, and can still meet the strength and corrosion resistance requirements after processing, which can ensure the safety of the ship.

5083-h116 aluminum sheet How to choose?

Customers generally have a large demand for 5083h116 marine aluminum plates, so they pay more attention to the quality and price of aluminum plates. It is recommended that you be careful when choosing aluminum plate manufacturers. Marine aluminum sheet is one of the emerging areas of aluminum alloy products. The quality and production capacity of marine aluminum sheet are important indicators to measure the comprehensive strength of aluminum sheet enterprises.


Large 5083-h116 aluminum sheet manufacturer

Mingtai Al. is a professional marine aluminum sheet manufacturer with strong strength. It has always focused on creating international high-quality aluminum sheet products to make the company bigger and stronger. The 5083-h116 aluminum sheet produced has passed the certification of CCS China Classification Society, DNV Det Norske Veritas, and ABS American Bureau of Shipping. It has long provided high-quality marine aluminum sheets for customers at home and abroad.