5083 aluminum plate supplier

There are many 5083 aluminum plate suppliers, here is the focus on 5083 aluminum plate supplier Henan Mingtai Aluminum. Mingtai Aluminum has considerable experience in producing 5083 aluminum plate. The production of good products is of course inseparable from good equipment and tools. The production equipment used by Mingtai has been developing with the development of production technology. The imported six-high cold rolling mill equipment can also produce ultra-wide 5083 aluminum plates. The strong production capacity and equipment foundation can ensure that the surface of the aluminum plate does not appear flaws, vibration marks, burrs and other defects. With the development of the market, the coverage rate of Mingtai Aluminum’s aluminum products will be higher.
5083 aluminum plate supplier

5083 aluminum plate supplier 5083 for tank cars

5083 aluminum plate is the main aluminum alloy plate for tank cars and the main aluminum alloy for tank cars. 5083 aluminum plate has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, good workability, and excellent arc welding, so it is very suitable for tank materials after aluminum plate welding.
The tanker adopts 5083 aluminum plate, which greatly increases the service life of the tanker. At present, aluminum plates are gradually replacing the previous steel plates in the market. Aluminum alloy plates have excellent characteristics of oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and rust resistance. In addition, the quality of aluminum alloy plate is lighter than that of steel plate, so it is a good choice to use in the body of a tanker.
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Advantages of 5083 aluminum plate supplier

The first is strong production capacity. Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale, large-scale mechanized production base with a total area of ​​1.3 million square meters. The company has more than 5,000 employees, and the current annual output can reach 1 million tons
The second is price. Price is an issue that customers will care about. Mingtai Aluminum’s products are all independently developed, produced and sold, using a sales model in which sales staff and customers directly connect with reasonable prices.
We have long-term cooperation in freight transportation. It can effectively ensure that the products are quickly transported to the port after leaving the factory. If you want to choose freight independently, you can let us know.
Last but not least, our after-sales service has always been satisfied by many customers. From produ你ct production, shipment, freight, and arrival at the port, any questions in the middle will be solved by professional service workers.
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5083 aluminum plate supplier aluminum plate price

The calculation method of the price of aluminum plate with other alloys is the same:
5083 aluminum plate price = Yangtze River aluminum ingot price on the day of shipment + 5083 aluminum plate processing fee
The price of aluminum ingots is not controlled by anyone, and fluctuates to a certain extent every day. You can find it on the Internet. The processing fee has a certain relationship with the specific specifications (thickness, width and length) of the 5083 aluminum plate. For specific processing fees, click the online consultation on the website directly. The price of conventional 5083 aluminum plate is relatively low, while the price of ultra-wide 5083 aluminum plate and 5083 diamond aluminum plate is relatively more expensive. Because the production process is different, the cost is also different.