Features of 5083 aluminum plate near me

1.Weldability: 5083 aluminum plate near me has good welding performance. Various welding methods can be used for welding, and the strength of the welded joint can be equal to the basic strength of the annealed state. Its extensibility, cold formability, and corrosion resistance are all reliable. The decrease in temperature will bring some consequences. For example, some performance enhancements: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation of base metals and welded joints. The low temperature toughness is very good.
2.Corrosion resistance: The various tempers of 5083 alloy have good corrosion resistance, and have good corrosion resistance to the atmosphere, fresh water, sea water, alcohol, gasoline and diesel, organic acids, concentrated nitric acid, and various foods. But stress corrosion cracking often occurs in 5083 alloy. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the working temperature of 5083 alloy is preferably within 65 degrees.
5083 aluminum plate near me

Application of 5083 aluminum plate near me

Based on the two notable features of the above 5083 aluminum plate, the application areas of 5083 cover: low-temperature application products: storage and transportation of petroleum and industrial gases, etc. Subways, high-speed trains, pressure vessels, hulls such as speedboats, navy ships and construction ships, road transportation: commercial vehicles and trailers, etc. Common engineering applications: mechanical parts, fixtures, fixtures and platforms; the outer layer of buildings, base plates and common tools, etc.
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5083 aluminum plate near me vs 5754

The connection between 5083 aluminum plate near me and 5754 aluminum plate is mainly because both can be used in tank trucks. 5083-O aluminum plate, the O state is softer, and the can lid needs to be bent, and the partition part uses 5083-O aluminum plate. In addition, some manufacturers use 5754H111 aluminum plates to produce cans. 5754 aluminum plate is a typical alloy among Al-Mg series alloys. 5754 aluminum alloy sheets with different heat treatment states can be used in automobile manufacturing and intuitive industries. Specific applications such as car doors, molds, seals, etc.
5083 h321 aluminum plate

5083 aluminum plate near me vs 6061

5083 aluminum plate is the representative product of the 5 series, and the tempers are mostly H321 and H116, which are usually used in the shipbuilding industry. 6061 aluminum plate is the representative product of the 6 series, and the temper is generally 6061-T6 aluminum plate, 6061-T651, 6061-T652 aluminum plate. T6 is the temper of artificial aging after solution heat treatment (quenching) to improve the strength and hardness of the aluminum plate.

5083 aluminum plate near me price

When 5083 alloy is used as marine aluminum, the common temper is 5083H116/H321/H112 temper. The price of 5083 aluminum plate is related to its temper. The temper is different, and the quotations of aluminum plate manufacturers are also different. In addition, the size of the aluminum plate will also affect the price. The price of 1mm 5083 aluminum sheet, the price of 5mm 5083 aluminum sheet, and the price of 10mm 5083 aluminum sheet are different due to the different thickness.