5083 aluminum plate manufacturer alloy specifications

Alloy specifications are the key. Pure aluminum and aluminum alloys include 1-8 series. It is very important to find a 5083 aluminum plate manufacturer with comprehensive production capacity. It can meet your needs for alloy aluminum plates used in different projects. Different alloys are used in different projects. The specifications and models are different. If the alloy specification is relatively single, and if there is a demand for different alloys in the later period, the aluminum plate manufacturer needs to be frequently replaced, which is not convenient for later purchase. Zhengzhou Mingtai Al has a complete range of aluminum alloys.
5083 aluminum plate manufacturer

5083 aluminum plate manufacturer capacity

The strength of 5083 aluminum plate manufacturer is the main factor. There are so many aluminum sheet manufacturers in the market, and the size of aluminum sheet manufacturers also greatly affects the scope of acceptable orders. On the other hand, strong aluminum plate manufacturers purchase high-quality aluminum ingot raw materials, and the production process is also becoming more mature, so the quality of the 5083 aluminum plate produced is more guaranteed. Equally important, the prices of such manufacturers’ products are relatively low. Because the manufacturer’s sales model is direct sales, not consignment sales, direct-sale aluminum plate manufacturers reduce complex links and the price will be more affordable.
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5083 aluminum plate manufacturer service

Is the after-sales service guaranteed? If the customer finds that there is a problem after receiving the product, a good after-sales service can help the customer solve the problem quickly. Will not affect the later use of the product. In fact, it is not only after-sales service, but also pre-sales and during-sale services. Pay attention to every order, so that customers have a relaxed and happy shopping process.
5083-h32 aluminum plate

5083 aluminum plate manufacturer 5083 aluminum plate price

Generally, most people are interested in 5083 aluminum plate manufacturer 5083 aluminum plate price.
How does 5083 aluminum plate manufacturer calculate the price?
Formula: aluminum ingot price + processing fee (different alloy prices are different) = how much aluminum plate is a ton.
Example: Assuming that the price of aluminum ingot is 13000 yuan/ton, the processing fee is 1400/ton, 5083 aluminum plate price: 13000+1400=14400(yuan/ton)=2260 USD
How does 5083 aluminum plate manufacturer calculate the price of aluminum plate per square meter?
If we need to calculate how much aluminum plate is per square, we must first know how to calculate the square of aluminum plate. The formula is: thickness X density = single square weight of aluminum plate. Let me give you an example!
Question: I want to know how much is a 1.0-thick aluminum plate?
The first step: Calculate the single square weight of the required aluminum plate.
1.0X2.71=2.71 (kg)
Step 2: Calculate how many squares can be produced from 1 ton of aluminum plate.
The third step: Calculate how much aluminum sheet is a ton.
Assuming that today’s aluminum ingot price is 13,000 yuan/ton and the processing fee is 1,400/ton.
13000+1400=14400(yuan/ton)=2260 USD
Step 4: Apply it to find out how much the aluminum plate is per square meter.
14400÷369=39 (yuan/square)=US$6.12