Competitive 5052 h34 aluminum sheet price

Mingtai Aluminum’s 5052 h34 aluminum sheet price is competitive. First, let’s learn some information about 5052 h34 aluminum sheet. 5052 h34 aluminum sheet is used for parts that require some characteristics, including formability and corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, weldability, and parts with medium static load. Non-heat-treatable strengthening alloy, the chemical composition of this alloy is similar to that of 5A02 alloy, and the properties are basically the same as 5A02. 5052 h34 alloy has higher plasticity but lower strength, and its corrosion resistance and weldability are good. This alloy has poor machinability during annealing.
5052 h34 aluminum sheet price

What does the 5052 h34 aluminum sheet price have to do with?

Several factors affecting the 5052 h34 aluminum sheet price:
1. 5052 h34 aluminum sheet specifications
2. 5052 h34 aluminum sheet thickness
3. Surface treatment (such as perforation, stretching, paint, fluorocarbon, etc., the price is different if the surface treatment is different)
4. Processing of 5052 h34 aluminum sheet (such as shape treatment of arc, shape, roller, etc.)
5. The price of aluminum ingots on the day
6. Supply objects (generally manufacturers are much cheaper than agents, limited to the same quality, and avoid materials of poor quality)
7. Processing cost, purchase cost (aluminum ingot)
8. Different manufacturers (different costs)
9. Freight
low 5052 h34 aluminum sheet price

Quality impact 5052 h34 aluminum sheet price

The impact of quality on price. As long as the quality of the 5052 h34 aluminum sheet is good, the price of 5052 is generally around the average market price. The cost price of 5052 aluminum sheet is relatively close, so almost every manufacturer’s quotation will not appear to be ultra-low. If we want to buy in large quantities and directly cooperate with manufacturers, then enjoying the market ex-factory price is naturally cheap.
Poor quality aluminum sheet, or not choosing high-quality raw materials. Although the price is low, the effect of later use will be affected, so it is recommended that you consider it carefully.
competitive 5052 h34 aluminum sheet price

The influence of quantity on 5052 h34 aluminum sheet price

The effect of quantity on price. The quantity of 5052 h34 aluminum sheet will also have a certain impact on the product price. Manufacturers have a minimum order quantity for each product. If you need more quantity, the price will definitely be more favorable. Moreover, we directly cooperated with the manufacturer to know the lowest price of this product in advance, which is also helpful to our later purchase.
Mingtai Aluminum sells 5052 h34 aluminum sheet. Not only the performance is excellent, but the price is also very reasonable. It is a fact that the equipment cost is relatively high, but Mingtai still formulated reasonable preferential methods. The price of 5052 aluminum sheet is very reasonable, and it is the first choice for the majority of users to purchase 5052 aluminum.