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5052 h34 aluminum sheet manufacturer introduces the meaning of 5052 h34. H34 stems from the heat treatment process, HXX temper. The first digit “3” represents the basic treatment for obtaining the temper, and H3 is the temper for work hardening and stabilization. It should be noted that the H3 temper is only suitable for some alloys, which are gradually softened by aging at room temperature. 5052 h is the temper of work hardening, the second digit “4” indicates the work hardening degree of 5052 aluminum sheet, which means 1/2 hardness.
5052 h34 aluminum sheet manufacturer

5052 h34 aluminum sheet manufacturer anodized 5052 aluminum sheet

5052 h34 aluminum sheet is the raw material, and after spraying, laser engraving and other processes, it presents a gorgeous appearance and is favored by consumers.
The price of 5052 aluminum sheet is higher. Compared with the 1 series and 3 series of aluminum alloy, 5052 aluminum sheet has higher hardness. In addition, it has the advantages of easy coloring, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance, so the processing cost is higher. It is precisely because of the strong hardness of 5052 aluminum alloy that it is used in the appearance of the notebook to ensure that the later consumers will not deform and resist impact during use. 5052 alumina sheet has the functions of corrosion resistance and rust resistance.
5052 alloy aluminum is one of the most widely used aluminum alloys in the market. Because of this, 5052 h34 aluminum sheet manufacturer China Mingtai Aluminium is also constantly researching new products to meet market needs and promote the development of aluminum processing. Mingtai Aluminum has established good cooperative development relations with many electronic product companies.
5052 Aluminum Sheet price per kg

5052 h34 aluminum sheet manufacturer 5052 VS 6061

5052 composition: Si, 0.25; Fe, 0.40; Cu, 0.10; Mn, 0.10; Mg, 2.20-2.80; Cr, 0.15-0.35; Zn, 0.10
6061 composition: Si0.40-0.80; Fe, 0.70; Cu, 0.15-1.40; Mn, 0.15, Mg, 0.8-1.20, Cr, 0.04-0.35, Zn, 0.25
5052 performance: tensile strength: 170-305Mpa, yield strength: ≥70Mpa, elongation 12-17%
The tensile strength of 6061 aluminum sheet is 105-290Mpa, the yield strength is 85-240Mpa, and the elongation is 8-16%.
Processing performance
5052,5000 series aluminum, the remarkable features are processing performance, corrosion resistance and welding performance;
6061, 6000 series aluminum materials, notable features are similar to but not the same as 5052, and also have good oxidation resistance.
Use field
Both 5052 and 6061 belong to the widely used aluminum alloys in the alloy series.
Some applications of 5052 include shipbuilding, machinery, electronic appliances, chemicals, building materials, decoration and decoration, etc.
The application areas of 6061 include automated mechanical parts, precision machining, automotive lightweighting, and molds. Ships, hardware, and furniture can also be used.
Aluminium Alloy 5052 Sheet and Plate

5052 h34 aluminum sheet manufacturer

As a 5052 h34 aluminum sheet manufacturer, currently our company can produce various specifications of 5052 aluminum sheet, 5052-O aluminum sheet, 5052-H32 aluminum sheet, 5052-H112 aluminum sheet, 5052-H34 aluminum sheet. There are other alloys such as 5083 aluminum sheet, 6063 aluminum sheet, 6082 aluminum sheet, 7075 aluminum sheet, 7050 aluminum sheet and so on. The above aluminum sheets are all manufactured in our own factory, so our product prices are very advantageous. If you are interested, you can consult.