5052 h34 aluminum sheet for sale

5052 h34 aluminum sheet for sale has high material purity, no trachoma bubbles, good surface processing effects such as anodizing and sandblasting, and can be used for sheet metal processing such as welding and bending. Ultra-flat 5052 h34 aluminum sheet, which not only has the above characteristics, but also has ultra-high thickness tolerance accuracy, ultra-high straightness, processing without deformation, factory coating, and surface processing-free features. It is characterized by inspection tools, panels and precision Ideal material choice for accessories. 5052-H34 aluminum sheet tensile strength: 214-248, elongation: 16-28.
5052 h34 aluminum sheet for sale

5052 h34 aluminum sheet for sale VS pure aluminium sheet

First, they have similar densities. They are all so-called lightweight materials.
Second, the 5052 h34 aluminum sheet usually uses magnesium alloy elements, which is more resistant to corrosion than pure aluminum. In a clean, dry environment, an oxide layer will form on the surface of 5052 h34 aluminum, which has a protective effect.
Third, the same is silver-white light metal. There is malleability. Due to the addition of other alloying elements and more characteristics, 5052 aluminum alloy has a wider range of applications. The development of 5052 aluminum alloy in the three important industries of construction, automobile, and marine requires the material characteristics to have the unique properties of aluminum and its alloys, which greatly facilitates the production and application of this aluminum. The application is extremely wide.
Fourth, pure aluminum has poor toughness, is relatively soft, and is easily deformed. The 5052 h34 aluminum sheet, although the density is similar, is tough and not easily deformed, and can be used as a material for more applications.
5052 h34 aluminum sheet VS h32

5052 h34 aluminum sheet for sale VS 3003 aluminium sheet

Although 3003 aluminum sheet and 5052 alloy aluminum sheet are often used as rust-proof aluminum, there is a difference between the two types of aluminum sheet, which is still obvious. Enterprises must choose suitable products according to production needs. Under the same H24 temper, the tensile strength and eye contact strength of 5052 aluminum sheet are much higher than 3003 aluminum sheet, so its mechanical properties are better than 3003 aluminum sheet.
3003 aluminum sheet can be used in general humid environments, household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and ventilation ducts. The 5052 aluminum sheet can be used for more applications, such as marine applications that require superior corrosion resistance, and other applications such as vehicles, electrical enclosures, pressure vessels, aircraft fuel tanks, and oil pipes.
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5052 h34 aluminum sheet for sale VS 6061

6061 aluminum alloy belongs to 6000 series aluminum alloy, which is mainly used for machined parts. Unlike 5052 h34 aluminum sheet, 6061 alloy is added with silicon, so that the hardness of 6000 series aluminum alloy is greatly improved and the machining performance is very good. It is also suitable for applications with high requirements for corrosion resistance and oxidation. Easy to coat, high strength, strong corrosion resistance. 6061 aluminum alloy is used for machined parts, and its cutting performance is better than that of 5052.