5005 aluminum sheet supplier 5005 aluminum sheet

5005 aluminum sheet supplier 5005 aluminum sheet is a non-heat-treatable magnesium alloy with a magnesium content of about 0.8%. Usually in various production plants, in addition to 5005 aluminum sheet, it is also obtained in the form of flat coils. Also because of magnesium, 5005 aluminum has high strength; 5005 has only a small amount of magnesium added, so it is the lowest strength of the 5000 series alloys. However, the alloy can be hardened to a large extent by cold working and can be H tempered. Although it cannot achieve the high strength of 5052 or 5083 corresponding to the tempering.
5005 aluminum sheet supplier

5005 aluminum sheet supplier

5005 aluminum is currently widely used, and various aluminum products emerge in endlessly, such as 5005 aluminium sheet, 5005 aluminum chequered sheet and so on. In fact, aluminum products can be widely used in many industries, construction, transportation and food packaging industries, these are only part of
Application of aluminium metal sheet
5005 aluminum chequered sheet is used in transportation, which can reduce energy saving and emission reduction.
As a transportation tool and component, it improves the rigidity and quality of the transportation tool and reduces its own weight.
5005 aluminum chequered sheet is used in the construction industry. Because of the appearance characteristics of aluminum itself, it is welcomed by users in building decoration and materials. For example, it is made of aluminum alloy doors and windows, used in decoration, aluminum checker plate, etc.
The application of aluminum and aluminum products in daily hardware has gradually been promoted and promoted.
Generally, aluminum products are used in packaging, which can improve the grade and level of packaging. With the development of the packaging industry, some easy-pull products use aluminum on a larger scale.
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How to choose 5005 aluminum sheet supplier

First of all, you must choose a formal 5005 aluminum sheet supplier when purchasing. In particular, there are many dealers and distributors, so you must choose a regular supplier with a business license.
Second, we must choose a strong supplier. Check the registered capital of the supplier, and ask the supplier’s output and production capacity.
Third, look at the reputation of the manufacturer. The longer you have been in the industry and the larger the scale, there will naturally be more customers. Learn more about some users’ evaluations of suppliers, such as aluminum sheet quality, service attitude, delivery date, etc.
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