5005 aluminum sheet manufacturer 5005 aluminum sheet

5005 aluminum sheet manufacturer typical alloy: 5005 aluminum sheet
Thickness: 0.1-500mm
Width: 20-2650mm
Length: 500-16000mm
Tempering: F, O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38, H111, H112, H114, etc.
5005 aluminum sheet manufacturer introduced its typical applications: curtain wall panels, architectural decoration, oxide materials, instrument shells, cooking utensils, vehicle decorations, etc.
Performance advantages: good corrosion resistance, weldability, excellent processing performance, good oxidation effect, medium strength.
5005 aluminum sheet manufacturer

5005 aluminum sheet manufacturer 5005 aluminum hardness and strength

Many customers are very concerned when buying aluminum. First of all, 5005 aluminum sheet manufacturer introduced that hardness is directly related to the chemical composition of the alloy. Secondly, different tempering also has a greater impact. Judging from the highest hardness that can be achieved, the 7 series, the 2 series, the 4 series, the 6 series, the 5 series, the 3 series, and the 1 series are successively lower.
Strength is an important factor that the 5005 aluminum sheet manufacturer must consider when designing products. When aluminum sheet is used as a component, the appropriate alloy should be selected according to the pressure it bears. The 1000 series aluminum has the lowest strength, while the 2 series and 7 series alloys are very strong. There is a certain corresponding relationship between hardness and strength.
Corrosion resistance: There is not only one kind of corrosion resistance, but includes chemical corrosion, stress corrosion resistance and other corrosion types. In fact, pure aluminum of series 1 has the best corrosion resistance because it has no other alloying elements, series 5 performs well, followed by series 3 and 6, and series 2 and 7 are inferior. Corrosion resistance should be selected according to its use occasion. High-strength alloys are used in corrosive environments, and various anti-corrosion composite materials must be used.
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5005 aluminum sheet manufacturer 5005 aluminum workability

Machinability: 5005 aluminum sheet machinability includes formability and cutting performance. Because the formability is related to the tempering treatment, after selecting the aluminum alloy grade, the strength range of various tempers needs to be considered. Generally, high-strength materials are not easy to form. If you want to bend, stretch, and deep-draw aluminum, you should choose the annealing material with the best formability. On the contrary, heat-treated tempered materials have the worst formability. The machinability of aluminum alloy is poor. For molds, mechanical parts, etc., better machinability is required. On the contrary, low-strength products have poor machinability. Some products that require cutting are molds, mechanical parts, etc. For them, the machinability of aluminum alloy is an important consideration.
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5005 aluminum sheet manufacturer 5005 aluminum weldability

Weldability: There is no problem with the weldability of most aluminum alloys, especially some 5 series aluminum alloys. 5005 aluminum is also one of them. 5000 series alloys are specially designed for welding considerations. Relatively speaking, some 2 series and 7 The series of aluminum alloy is more difficult to weld. If your end use needs to study the welding performance of aluminum sheet, you can use 5005 aluminum sheet