4×8 sheet of 1 4 inch aluminum

The actual size of 4×8 sheet of 1 4 inch aluminum is 1/4 inch, not 14 inch, which is 6.35mm in millimeters. The material is lighter than steel, and it has good corrosion resistance, weldability and strength. These excellent properties make it widespread, especially in the automobile manufacturing industry.

New material 4×8 sheet of 1 4 inch aluminum

4x8 sheet of 1 4 inch aluminum

4×8 sheet of 1 4 inch aluminum

Aluminum is the fastest-growing automotive material among competitive materials, and is entering its unprecedented growth stage. 4×8 sheet of 1 4 inch aluminum as automotive aluminum can further improve fuel economy, cruising range, safety and overall driving performance.

Lightweight automobiles have become a trend. Materials such as 4×8 aluminum sheet of 1 4 inch thick can not only improve fuel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, but also play a practical effect in reducing environmental pollution. Of course, this material can also be used in new energy vehicles, meeting the requirements of automobile manufacturing for metal strength, corrosion resistance and resource protection.


Use of transportation engineering vehicles

Before the transportation of engineering vehicle tanks, steel was used as raw material, but now it is gradually shifting to aluminum alloy materials. In the past, steel tanks were heavy in their own materials and had a short corrosion resistance time. After being made into engineering vehicles, in use, the tanks and the transported liquid oil will corrode and the thickness of the tank materials will become thinner and thinner. The final service life is short. But for example, 1/4 aluminum sheet can make up for the lack of steel materials.


With the continuous development of aluminum research and development technology, its welding processing and other mechanical properties continue to improve, and the corrosion resistance time is up to 15 years. The weight of the same size tank body has also been reduced by about 25%, which reduces fuel consumption and achieves energy saving Emission reduction has greatly increased the service life of the vehicle. This is why the 4×8 sheet of 1 4 inch aluminum is introduced.

The widely uses of The 4×8 sheet of 1 4 inch aluminum

The 4×8 sheet of 1 4 inch aluminum can also be used for maritime ships, aircraft welding parts, subway light rails, fire-resistant pressure vessels, refrigeration devices, (such as refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers), mechanical equipment, etc. This is closely related to its excellent characteristics Indivisible.

4x8 sheet of 1 4 inch aluminum-2

Mingtai Al. Industry has a large, standardized processing plant of 1.3 million square meters. There are more than 100 sets of various advanced equipments, a large number of high-quality professional and exquisite technical personnel have been gathered, and a special research laboratory has been established, which has successively introduced more advanced foreign technology and processing techniques to continuously improve its own strength. Over the years, our company’s 4×8 sheet of 1 4 inch aluminum materials have been exported to many countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America and other countries and regions throughout the world, and are widely welcomed and affirmed by users.